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Forspoken – How to Defeat the Altered Goliath


The action role-playing game Forspoken is set in the magical open world of Athia. Its diverse regions are home to rare animals and a wealth of secrets waiting to be discovered. You will ultimately encounter a couple of them, but we are concentrating on Altered Goliath for now. The mutant Altered Goliath is determined to end Frey’s trip and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. By reading this essay, you will learn how to overcome the Altered Goliath in spoken language.

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Where to Find the Altered Goliath Location

Altered Goliath is perched atop a hill appropriate for its enormous size, all by itself. It is located southeast of the Blessed Plains Refuge in the Blessed Plains region. To view the exact location, refer to the purple marker below.

Forspoken - How to Defeat the Altered Goliath

You can get Mana upgrades after defeating Altered Goliath, which will enable Frey to carry more healing items. Additionally, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the nearby plains that is ideal for taking pictures.

How to Defeat the Altered Goliath

Like many other boss creatures in Forspoken, Altered Goliath has certain advantages. Red and purple magic cannot harm it. It can even, as previously mentioned, rejuvenate health. There are four categories of magic spells in Forspoken: Red, Blue, Purple, and Green. Using these spells and parkour skills in battle is encouraged. You can go to the Blessed Plains area of the map to battle the Altered Golaith.

Forspoken - How to Defeat the Altered Goliath

This enormous titan is easily located as it stands atop a hill to the southeast of Blessed Plains Refuge. You can defeat this boss even if it is immune to red and purple magic.  Red is Tanta Sila’s magic (fire-based spells), and purple is Frey’s magic (earth-based spells). As the plot progresses, you will be able to unleash a torrent of rocks on foes with Frey’s purple power. Red spells can be used as spears that provide fire damage upon impact.

You will need to take note of a few maneuvers that Altered Goliath makes. One is a basic strike in which it punches out at Frey.  Another is a rush, where it will charge for some time and sprint at you. The boss can also throw some unblockable pebbles at Frey multiple times. With Frey’s parkour skills, you have to always be on the run after dealing some damage to Goliath.

Running won’t fix every issue because the boss starts to heal itself if it isn’t assaulted for a while.  Thus, continue using red or purple magic spells to add to its health. If you continue hitting its back, you can eventually even stagger it. With this move, you have the opportunity to land a Killer Blow, which deals massive damage and starts a brief animation. Make it your mission to deliver as many devastating blows as you can.  But beware, since it recovers from the stagger effect and retaliates with a high-damage attack.

Forspoken - How to Defeat the Altered Goliath

If you still find this Forspoken battle to be too laborious, you can acquire Tanta Prav’s Blue magic talents by finishing Chapter 8. Naedre is a poison spell that will hurl missiles at you.  This assault will assist you stop the Altered Goliath’s health regeneration strategy and deals massive poison damage to it. Another strategy is to stay locked onto the Goliath the entire time to keep the camera fixed on it as you sidestep assaults. So long as you remain out of the way of his rock-throwing strikes, you can keep an eye out for them.


Can you romance in Forspoken?

Romance enthusiasts, the answer is no. The game has absolutely no romance. It’s not going to happen, even though you might be shipping Frey with Auden, whom she originally writes off as a peasant girl. As the game goes on, she grows as a person, but romance isn’t in the cards.

Is there a max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99. We cover the best ways to level up in Forspoken rapidly on this page.

Can you unlock every spell in Forspoken?

Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Leveling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain mana.

Who is the main villain in Forspoken?

Tantas. The primary enemy in this game is the tanta. These four women are insane and malevolent sorceresses who previously ruled the nation as Athia’s protective matriarchs.

Who is the unlikeable character in Forspoken?

When Frey’s personality changes later in the game, you won’t be able to shake the question of why she is unlikeable in Forspoken. However, those who stick with it could find a lot of endearing traits beneath that sardonic surface.