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How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link


Despite the fact that Twitter is an excellent social networking tool, the platform’s usability appears to be rapidly deteriorating with each update to its layout. Due to the fact that it is so difficult to comprehend, many users are left wondering how they can find the URL of their Twitter profile and how they may share it with others.

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How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link

  • Launch the Twitter app, then tap the image of your profile that appears in the top left corner of the screen. This will take you to your Twitter profile.

How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link

  • Tap the “share” option, then choose one of your tweets from the feed that is displayed on your profile page, and select the tweet.

How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link

  • Next, from the selection that appears, pick “Copy link to tweet.”

How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link

Now, if you want to share this link with other people, all you have to do is copy and paste it wherever you want, but be sure to delete the section that comes before your username:

How to Find and Copy Your Twitter Link

  • Take off the numbers that are at the beginning of the URL, right before the part that says “username.”
  • If you continue to press the URL with your finger, you’ll see that it becomes highlighted.
  • To copy something, use the cut-and-paste menu and select the copy option.
  • After that, while holding down the shift key, paste the URL of the location where you want it to be sent (your message or social media DM)


How do I put my Twitter link on Instagram?

To get started, go to your profile and then press the menu button that’s located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Go to your account under Settings. You can enter your login information for your Twitter account by going to Linked Accounts > Twitter. By activating the Twitter option before sharing a photo to Instagram, you now have the ability to simultaneously tweet and upload the image.

What is Tweet link?

This helpful link will take your friends straight to your Twitter profile, where they will be able to read your tweets and decide whether or not to follow you. You can change your username inside the settings of your Twitter account. This change will be reflected in the URL immediately after the change is made.

What is a profile URL?

Similar like other webpages on the internet, each individual Facebook profile has its own distinct web address (URL). This URL may be a real name or a nickname, or it could be a series of characters that look completely unrelated to one another; in either case, it will send a browser straight to the associated profile page.

How do I make a hyperlink?

Make a link that directs readers to a certain page on the web.

Choose the piece of text or image that you’d like to turn into a link and choose it. Make sure you press Ctrl and K. You can also right-click the text or picture, then go to the shortcut menu and select Link from there. In the box labelled Insert Hyperlink, copy and paste your URL into the Address box, then press “Enter.”