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How to Find and Grow Bananas in Stardew Valley


The release of version 1.5 of Stardew Valley saw the addition of two new kinds of fruit: mangoes and bananas. Both of these exotic fruits can now be cultivated in the game. The latter is necessary for a broad variety of duties, some of the most important of which are the recovery of a Golden Walnut and the creation of a necessary structure. It will become clear to you as you explore Ginger Island that you are going to require some bananas for a number of different reasons, and you should bring some with you. The cultivation of banana trees is an integral part of the Stardew Valley experience, and this article will show you how to do it. So let’s get started:

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How to Find and Grow Bananas in Stardew Valley

You can get bananas in one of two possible ways: either by cultivating a banana tree or by keeping blue discus fish in a fish pond.

Find Banana Trees:

The easiest approach to cultivate bananas is by using a banana tree as a host plant. That might not sound too difficult, but actually obtaining a seedling for the tree is a lot trickier than it seems, and it takes a very long time for the tree to grow and start producing fruit after that. There are a few different routes one can use to get banana trees.

How to Find and Grow Bananas in Stardew Valley

  • The first option is to present the Island Merchant on Ginger Island with five Dragon Teeth in exchange for the item.
  • The second method involves destroying Golden Coconuts with a Hammer.

Island Trader:

Before the Island Traders can begin their business, the booth that they will use must first be built. When the Island Farmhouse is finished being built, the parrots will gather just to the north of the beach that leads into the island. It is possible to gain access to the Island Trader by paying them 10 Golden Walnuts. In exchange for five Dragon Teeth, this vendor will give you a Banana Sapling to grow your own bananas.

  • The Volcano Dungeon’s floors occasionally contain enormous fossilized skeletons, which can be found in close proximity to areas with a high concentration of Dragon Teeth.
  • Lava Lurks are lava monsters who thrust their heads upward and launch fireballs. In addition to this attack, Lava Lurks also drop fireballs.
  • Once the player has built the Island Resort, they will have access to the Pirate Cove, which is located on the eastern side of the island. Here it is possible to catch Stingrays, and if you put them in a Fish Pond, they will periodically yield Dragon Teeth for you to harvest. It is possible for them to begin producing this item after the population of the Fish Pond reaches nine or ten; however, the daily possibility of manufacturing it is only 5%, thus this is not the most reliable method for acquiring Dragon Teeth.

Once the player has collected all five Dragon Teeth, the Island Trader will trade them in for a Banana Sapling in exchange for the items.

Golden Coconuts:

Banana Trees can also be found by breaking open Golden Coconuts. This is the second method. These fruits function in a manner not dissimilar to that of geodes. After finding them, the player needs to bring them to Clint so that he may crack them for a price of 25 gold. The Golden Coconuts are incompatible with the Geode Crusher and cannot be broken down by it. Although there is no guarantee that a banana sapling will emerge from each one, the odds are not negligible.

  • A Golden Coconut can be obtained in the following ways:
  • Ginger Island’s palm trees should be swayed.
  • Locate and excavate artifact sites on Ginger Island.
  • Grow nine Blue Discus in a Fish Pond for as long as you can until the population reaches its maximum. At this time, they have a slim possibility of harvesting a Golden Coconut on a daily basis, which is at around 5%.
  • When a player has successfully broken open their first golden coconut, the Island Merchant will begin offering golden coconuts for sale in return for ten regular coconuts.

After you have received a banana sapling, you should plant it and then wait for it to grow for 28 days. Only in the greenhouse, on the island farm, and on the main farm do they produce fruit throughout the summer months.

Blue Discus Ponds:

The cultivation of blue discus fish in a fish pond can also result in the production of bananas. Why are the fish on Ginger Island so fascinated by the bananas that are dangling above them?

Construct a Fish Pond by purchasing the appropriate supplies and gold from Robin’s Carpenter Shop; the cost is 5,000 gold, 200 Stone, 5 Seaweed, and 5 Green Algae. Alternatively, if necessary, clear out an existing Fish Pond. In Ginger Island North (where the Volcano is located), as well as Ginger Island West, one can catch a Blue Discus in any freshwater body of water, such as a river (where the Farm is).

How to Find and Grow Bananas in Stardew Valley

After placing it in the Fish Pond, you must wait for the population of the Blue Discus to increase to at least four fish before the population may expand any further (after the population reaches three, they will ask for three Taro Roots before the population can go any further). At this point in time, there is around a 1% chance that the fish will produce a banana each day. The possibility of there being a banana generated increases proportionately with the size of the population. At population nine or 10, they have a likelihood of generating a banana that is approximately 15 percent.


Where is the best place to plant a banana sapling Stardew?

The seedling of these tropical trees must first be planted on the freshly tilled soil of the farm, greenhouse, or Ginger Island. This is the first step in the process of producing these trees. Take note that it can only grow in the middle of a 3×3 grid, and that each individual square must be kept free of any objects, flooring, or topography that might get in its way.

Do banana trees need to be watered Stardew?

It is not necessary to irrigate fruit trees, and they will not perish due to the cold weather. Saplings of fruit trees can be grown in any season, giving players the opportunity to establish trees and get them ready to give fruit in future years.

Where can I buy banana pudding Stardew Valley?

Cooking is required to make banana pudding. Either the kitchen found inside an updated farmhouse or a Cookout Kit is utilized in the preparation of this dish. If the player has renovated the Farmhouse at least twice, there is a chance that Supply Crates on the Beach Farm will include 1-2 Banana Pudding. However, this is only the case if the player has done so.

What are the most profitable fruit trees in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, the starfruit is considered to be not only the most recognizable but also the most lucrative crop. It can be purchased for 400g from the Oasis Shop, which can be unlocked by completing the bundle for the Vault Community Center. Nevertheless, the item may be sold for 750g, which is more than double its original price.