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How to Find Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17 version


The much-anticipated first instalment of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs upgrade was made available for download on June 8th, 2021 by Mojang. Goats, Glow Squid, and Axolotls are the three new monsters that have been added to the sandbox game. The Axolotls are undoubtedly the cutest of all of the new mobs that have been added to the game. Other new improvements have also been included.

In Minecraft, there are now amphibious creatures known as axolotls. Their inclusion was motivated by a desire to educate players about the plight of certain species of animals that are in grave danger of extinction and to emphasize the significance of preserving endangered species.

Axolotls are entertaining aquatic mobs that may be tamed by the player by feeding them a tropical fish that has been taken from a Bucket of Tropical Fish. It is also possible for players to obtain a bucket of axolotl by using a bucket of water on an axolotl and storing the resulting axolotl in chests, shulker boxes, or ender chests.

Mojang has included a feature in Minecraft that allows players to breed their own axolotls. For this to be successful, the two of them need to be in close proximity to one another. In order for them to enter “Love Mode,” it is necessary for the player to feed both of them. In Minecraft, this will cause them to mate, which will result in the birth of a baby axolotl.

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When elevated above the water using a bucket, axolotls will make their way toward the nearest body of water, whether it is a large body of water like an ocean or a smaller body of water like a lake. This is due to the fact that they are incapable of surviving for longer than 6000 game ticks, which is equivalent to five minutes, when they are not in water.

How to Find Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls are known to have their breeding grounds in the murky depths of the ocean. The typical location for them is at a depth of Y 63 below sea level. They can also be discovered at the proper depth in cave systems that have rich vegetation. The fish are typically encountered by players when they go across the new 1.17 Minecraft worlds in search of diamonds to mine.

Finding an axolotl is a rather calm experience due to the fact that they never engage in hostile behaviour toward the player. However, Axolotls will always attack other aquatic mobs, including turtles, dolphins, and anything else that swims in the water.

When a player is attempting to take on the guardians and the older guardians in the ocean monument, the player’s interaction with Axolotl can be to their advantage. Players have the opportunity to gain uncommon treasures such as sea lanterns, primaries blocks, and black primaries blocks by raiding ocean monuments and battling the three older guardians that reside there.

This recently introduced aquatic monster can assist the party in their hunt for unique goods by aiding them in their battles against the monsters guarding the ocean monument. The gamers will have an easier time defeating the elder guardian as a result of this.