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How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel


When an external connection is available, the cell will contain the name of the workbook that the cell links to as part of its content. This would indicate that the reference would have the file name together with an extension of either. xlsx,.xls,.xlsm, or.xlb. Because of this, we will be able to identify all of the links that lead to external websites. In order to find links to external websites, the following steps can be conducted with the Find and Replace tool in Excel:

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How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel

Using Find and Replace

Check to see that you have selected each and every one of the cells.

Start by selecting the Home tab, then click the Editing button, the Find & Select button, and then the Find button to complete the process.

How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel

Under the header “Find what,” write “*.xl*.” and then click the “Find” button in the dialogue box for the Find and Replace function.

How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel

Simply clicking the All button will choose everything for you.

How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel

This will locate and display all of the cells in the body that are connected to the outside world through connections that are made through external interconnections.

How to Find Externals Links and References in Excel

You are now able to turn the formulas into values by selecting all of these cells, picking the very last record while holding down the Shift key, and finally selecting the very first record a second time.


How do you check if an Excel sheet is linked to another?

Utilizing Excel’s Worksheet Relationship function is an efficient and effective method for checking for ties between different spreadsheets. If you have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 installed on your computer, you can use this command, which can be found on the Inquire tab, to rapidly construct a diagram that demonstrates how the worksheets in a workbook are connected to one another.

How do I know if a spreadsheet is shared?

Click the Review menu, then click Share Workbook. It is important to take note that the Share Workbook button has been removed from more recent versions of Excel. This is how you can uncover it. Review the names of users who now have this worksheet open by going to the Editing tab and looking in the Who has this workbook open now list.

Which keys can be used to activate a selected link?

The combination of the CTRL key and the letter ‘K’ is the keyboard shortcut that is utilised when inserting a hyperlink. Simply choose the cell in which you wish to insert the hyperlink, type the text that will serve as the anchor, and then hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Can multiple users work on the same Excel file?

If you want several individuals to be able to work on the same worksheet at the same time, it is possible to save an Excel workbook as a shared workbook. This may be done by selecting the “shared” option when saving the workbook. After that, users will have the ability to input data, create rows and columns, add and alter formulas, and make formatting adjustments.