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How to find jobs in Jonkoping, Sweden


Looking out for career opportunities in Sweden? Well, being an international student and finding jobs in a new country can be troublesome. There are so many challenges and things that you should be aware of before you look out for jobs. Students are interested to stay even after completing studies and spend full-time in their jobs. And, it is true to succeed in finding a job in Jonkoping, Sweden. A lot of students face problems and ask how to find jobs in Jonkoping, Sweden. They consider that there are not many jobs in the market nowadays. 

But, you should know that between 2010 and 2025, research showed that around 30% labor force was going to be retired. It will open up many jobs in the city and all around Sweden. The research showed that there will be around 175,000 jobs in the public sector and also many other opportunities. For students, this is a great chance to achieve a job. 

Recruitment of international expertise:

Sweden has a lot of demand and needs right now to recruit international expertise and people for labor jobs. Students who are still studying can find themselves labor jobs and after completing their degrees go for skilled jobs. There are plenty of jobs like engineers, economists, IT workers, customer support, researchers, and so much more. Sweden has already employed over 1000 IT experts from India. And, they will need more. You might have never come across so many advertisements on Sweden jobs and most of the students consider that they have to speak Swedish. But, it is not necessary for most of the jobs. You can be fluent in many other languages and you still have a greater chance to get the job.

How to find jobs in Jonkoping, Sweden for international students:

The most promising platform from where you can find a variety of jobs easily is It is one of the best places to find jobs in Jonkoping, Sweden. There are different categories from which you can choose your desired job according to your work hours. Just make a CV and upload it here, you might get some messages as well for jobs. There are jobs like a bike messenger, handyman, cleaner, local guide and so much more. Doing these jobs will help you earn money and continue your studies. Check out these 8 major jobs that you will find in this city. 

  1. Food delivery jobs:

It is the type of job that won’t require any specific or technical skills. You just need to a mountain cycle, bike or a car. Some restaurants also provide you with a bike. But, you must be well-prepared for the Swedish winter. You should be wearing proper clothes because the weather here can be a surprise for you. Especially, if you have come here from an Asian country where mostly it is summer. The temperature in winter is below minus degrees so make sure you are ready for this job. 

For this job, there are certain hours that you have to complete and of course, you get flexible timings. You can take your classes in the morning and afternoon and do the job in the evening or night based on your choices. 

       2.Driver jobs:

If food delivery is not the right option for you, then you can go for the driver job. You can drive, meet new people and practice your Swedish language with passengers. As its mostly just basic Swedish that you can learn. But, if you don’t know that then there is no problem at all. You can get by speaking English in Jonkoping as well. Let’s take here the example of Bolt and if you want to join this company, you need some official documents. It will include your driver’s license, taxi operating license and ID card, etc. There are more ride requests in Stockholm so some students cover more distances as well to earn money. Moreover, the main airport in Sweden is quite far away from Jonkoping so make sure you have enough time to earn much through this job. 

   3. Handyman Jobs:

Sweden has always a great demand when it comes to handyman jobs. There is so much for everyone if you have great skills. There are flexible hours and so many opportunities to start with. There is Task Runner where you have to give your time 5 to 10 times a week. You can pick your schedule and browse the tasks you want to do in the city. Having any skill will pay you off in Jonkoping. And, if you are good at it you will have a task for almost every day. 

    4. Cleaning or Housekeeping jobs:

For a white-collar job, you’ll need a good grip on Swedish. Join courses or take lessons to learn Swedish as soon as possible. Before that, you can start your job in the housekeeping and cleaning department. Many people start as cleansers and find better opportunities with time. Get any job that you can lay your hand on if you can’t find the job that you want. Later, you can keep looking for better options related to a field that you have earned a degree in. In housekeeping, you don’t have to meet with owners very often. Mostly you are working when they are at their jobs.

     5. Work as a freelancer:

A great thing about freelancing is that you can work from any corner of the world. If you have a strong grip on any field like graphic designing, copywriting, blogging or designing, etc. you can work as a freelancer. While living in Sweden, join different sites related to your skill and work for clients all over the world. Make sure to declare your taxes if your earnings exceed 50,000 SEK. 

     6. Selling your hobby:

If you are an artist, a painter, or if you have any other hobby that you can sell, you can always go for it. Learn some easy sentences even if you are not fluent in Swedish and start working on commissioned tasks. You can do this work as a part-time business and earn accordingly. You just need to give this your free time. That’s the great thing about freelancing that you can carry on with your studies or whatever you do and keep working in your spare time.

   7. Renting jobs:

In Sweden, you can earn well by renting your home to tourists. Another option is to join companies like Renthia as an agent. Your work is to connect tenets with landlords. It is a great opportunity for students because the only major requirement is to work 10 hours at least a month. No previous experience in real estate is required and you have the freedom to choose when to work. What you do is you show houses to potential tenants and you get mission-based pay. You also write descriptions, take photos, and inspect properties. Be careful if you live in a flat and are thinking about renting it. The property might be owned by an association that does not allow you to rent it for the short term.

   8. Networking:

In Sweden, it is way easier to find jobs when you have contacts. However, if you don’t know anyone here and aren’t fluent in Swedish as well try meeting new people. Attend as many events as possible and socialize. Meet new people and make friends because Swedish people love socializing. Join different social media groups made for people looking for jobs. Join groups of ex-pats who meet up regularly to share ideas and experiences.

The labor market in Jönköping:

  • Education:

In Jönköping County, 36.6 percent of people aged 25-64 have a post-secondary education. This rare is lower as compared to the whole country. The percentage in the country as a whole is 43.8 percent. 13.1% of people aged 25-56 don’t. The corresponding proportion in the whole country is 11.0%.

  • The population increase:

The population in Jönköping County has increased by 1 411 in a year. When 2020 ended this place had 365 010 inhabitants in total. The percentage of people aged 15-74 is 71.4%. This age group has not increased at all since 2019 which makes the population development lower than the whole of Sweden. The workforce has increased and now comprises around 183 964 people. A year ago this value was 180246.

  • The net commuting rate:

The net commuting rate in Jönköping County has a positive value. The number of people who commute out of the country for work is 2110 less than those who commute into the country.

  • Employments in different sectors:

39804 people being employed in the mining and manufacturing sector makes it the largest sector in the county. Next come- the social services and health care having 30983 employees, which is followed by trade. Trade employees 21471 employees in Jönköping County.

  • The unemployment rate:

Unemployment has increased in Jönköping County in the last year. The unemployment rate has increased from 13779 people in 2020 to  15762 in the previous year.  Also many unemployed of age 16-64 in the same time, as a share of the workforce has increased to 7.5%.

How To Find a Job in Jönköping  as a Foreigner:

You can use different online tools, websites, and blogs to look for the right job for you. Here are a few examples of where you can find jobs in Sweden:

Teaching English:

Teaching the English language in Sweden is a great option. You can find a great number of job options through different online sites. If you have a good command of English and Swedish it is a good option for making money. Browse and apply for any job opportunity for English teaching available on these websites. You may not get a great response rate but if you show consistency and keep looking you will surely find the right job. You can find out an estimate of how much you would potentially make in a teaching job through different online tools and websites. 

Some websites where you can find teaching jobs in Sweden:

ESL Employment, Total ESL, ESL Café, and Tesall are some websites to find teaching job openings all around the world. You can also find other blogs and websites and use them to search for the best job opportunities.

Contacting directly with the company you want to work with:

If you have already planned that you will work in a specific company, then contacting them directly is the best move. If you are only interested in a specific company, simply go to their website and get all the required information. You will most likely be able to find information about the availability of any positions in the company through their websites. Find their career information section on the website and you’ll be able to find the required information. If the company website doesn’t have the career information you require, you can contact them directly. Contact details would be available on the website or you can find them online. Contact the company through email, phone, or any other medium you find and ask them if the company accepts open applications.

Get work experience or an internship:

Two great ways to increase your chances of getting a job in Jönköping are either getting an internship or participating in a work experience. Once you get involved in a workplace you start getting the experience of working life in Sweden. Getting an internship if you can’t find a job will provide you the following benefits:

  • It will give you the vocational experience in working life. 
  • You’ll make golden contacts that can potentially help you find a job. 
  • Once you take your first steps in the field, you keep finding new and better opportunities.

Self-employment in Sweden:

If you have an established business you can work as a self-employed person. It is easy and the chances of growth in Sweden are good. You will need to have a Swedish residency card if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen. You will also have to get a viable income and provide proof of that. Once you register, you will get a Swedish social security number even if you are a non-resident.

Applying for a Job in Jönköping:

When applying for a job in Jonkoping, you need to stand out from others. There are different ways to do it. The easiest yet most important way to make your opportunities better is to learn Spanish. Even if you can’t learn it all learn as much that you can communicate in the workplace. Learning Swedish is crucial because even the jobs that require English only are going to prefer candidates who know Swedish. At least you should be able to do the basic communication in Swedish. Many positions are even going to require fluency but at least you should know the basics. Large multinational corporations might not require you to be able to speak Spanish but it is going to increase your chances of getting the job if you do. Swedish culture has a strong belief in communal efforts. Companies are always going to prefer candidates who can communicate well with their colleagues and work in a socialized way.

Requirements for getting a job in Sweden:

When a company in Sweden hires a foreigner rather than a native swede they have to defend their decision. Therefore there are a few requirements that you need to fulfill to find a good job at a reputed company in Sweden. Here are a few important qualifications to have when you are applying for a job in Jönköping:

  • Having a degree:

A university degree is required in Sweden for a job. To get this degree to qualify for a work visa you will also need to get it verified by your country’s consulate. 

  • A work experience:

Although having work experience is not an absolute requirement to get a job it is a great plus point. Having a few years of work experience will get you to be preferred over other job applicants. This increases your chance of getting the job quite much. 

  • Specific hiring requirements:

Along with the general hiring requirements discussed earlier, some regulated professions in Sweden also have their specific hiring requirements. For example, if you want to be hired as a teacher you need to have a foreign teaching certificate verified by the Swedish Embassy of your country.

Why is Jönköping a great option for expats? 

People who want to move abroad for their professional growth can consider Jönköping a great place. Like many other countries in Europe, Sweden is known for class and gender equality. With a great quality of life, handsome salary packages, and competitive job market Jönköping is a great option for those looking for a new job abroad. 

This place is known for its strong belief system in networking. You can look online for opportunities or networks. Join groups, attend events and make as many worthy friends as possible. Sweden believes in inequality. You won’t see any focus on unnecessary formal titles or emphasis on second names castes and positions. People use first names and also the work-life balance is great. You get to work flexible hours and even days. Work hours usually start at 8:30 and end at 17:00. You won’t see people working overtime. They start work on time and leave right at the time. 

Great salary packages are also a perk of working in Sweden. An average person receives a high salary of around 26,000 SEK per month which is about 2,600 USD.

Tips for Getting a Job in Jönköping:

Online searching:

When you start your research, you will find many sites that post jobs in Sweden for foreigners. Keep submitting impressive CVs and keep looking for more opportunities. If the job was posted in Swedish covert your CV and cover letter in Swedish as well and submit that. Some of the top sites for searching for jobs in Sweden are:

  • Metro Job
  • Facebook groups are also a great medium to look for jobs in Jönköping. Find the right groups and stay active to find the best opportunities.

Resume converted into Swedish:

Covert your resume and cover letter into Swedish as well. Even if you are searching for a job that requires only English language proficiency. Another additional yet effective step is to add a small introduction to yourself and your language qualifications. Write it well in an impressive format. 

You don’t have to worry a lot about the format of your CV. Sweden follows the common format used in most western countries. Write a brief description of your professional and educational background. Add your relevant certificates, volunteer details, extracurricular activities, and awards, etc. for a good impression. Do make it too long. Keep everything brief so that it doesn’t exceed two sides of the page. 

Another additional requirement is a passport-sized photograph attached to the resume. It is not a compulsory addition but it is better if you do it.

Job opportunities for foreigners in Sweden:

A job shortages list is released every year by Sweden. This list is a great way to find jobs if you want to move to Sweden. You don’t necessarily need fluency in Swedish to apply for these jobs. Here are some of the jobs that you can find too:

  • Senior high school teacher
  • University professors
  • Pharmacist
  • Chemists
  • Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • Vocational teachers
  • Interview Tips
  • Dentists, doctors, and nurses
  • Software and system developers


Finding a good job in Sweden is ideal for people wanting to shift abroad for jobs. The reputation of Jönköping and Sweden on a whole is great. A great communal environment, high salaries, flexible working days and hours, long paternal leaves make it ideal for a job. Make sure that your application stands out because there is a high demand for foreigners wanting to work here. Keep looking and don’t be afraid to start small. Most of the students start with labor jobs and can get white-collar jobs as soon as their studies are complete in Sweden.