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How to Make and Use Funny Usernames


A username is an identity to use for different online platforms. All you need is a password and a username to get access to any media. There are different forms of online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, and so much more. It can also include dating sites. You can have good or funny usernames for any application you enjoy. The name sets you a bit different from all other users on the same platform and might reveal your personality or interests. 

Why choose a funny user name

Your username can make people think about you. It will create an impact on other people’s minds about your personality. It will happen just because when they read your name they will get attract if you have a funny username. For example, if you send a friend request to any Facebook user, your username may help them to decide whether to accept or cancel your request. It depends on the creativity of your username. Maybe the person checks out your profile and he/she may want to have a conversation with you. A username can build a perception for other people to imagine you before looking at your hair and clothes. 

When your original name is already used on social media or other online platforms it’s tough to think what you’re going to include as your username. Before you are going to add dozen of letters at the end of your name, you might think of a funny username. Something that helps to make your friends laugh and will make unknown persons want to get to know about you. A funny username is an amazing way to start a conversation. Different online users may be ready to approach you to ask you about your thinking behind the name you have chosen. If you’re on a business site, you can grab the attention of people in the market. 

There is another reason you should choose a funny username is that most of them are already unique. To get up with a different funny username, you must have to think creatively. Due to complete uniqueness, your username will make your profile different from all other users.

How to Choose a Funny username

There are different key points that every person should have to follow during the selection of a funny username. Some specific guidelines can be applied in choosing a general username and it’s not specific to only funny ones. First of all, it is clear and also mentioned above that the name should always be unique and different in such a way that it could be prominent. So when you are choosing a username, one thing you should keep in your mind is that you have to choose a creative name that could be a Funny username. 


Also, keep in mind, the name you are going to choose must be memorable. Try to avoid different and special symbols and characters. Because it will make your profile difficult to search for the public. It is absolutely good to have a funny username but it is not a good thing that you have special characters and symbols. It will only make it a problem to remember your username for people and even you. This is a usual thing and you just heard in your friend’s circle also that one of them forget their username. This happens only when you choose a difficult name with special symbols and characters. Also when your name has symbols and characters it can make your online profile undiscoverable. Secondly, there is one more important thing that when you are choosing a funny username always try that it will not reveal your identity in any way. 

Importance of user name  

The very first impression to your new followers is your username. Your username is the only thing that is going to tell them what they are going to expect from you. And they can assume this in a few seconds after ready your username. This will also help people to find you on other platforms so they could easily follow you. Your username plays an important role because it will identify you and your personality for the rest of your life. Branding is also as much important as writing good content. Your social media name will make a huge fan following for you. Social media is a platform where you will connect to a wider range of audiences. The username you select is going to tell you whether people are interested to listen to you what you have to say or not.

Things to avoid in selecting a username

Following are some things you should avoid in choosing a username of any social media platform

  • Do not choose such funny usernames which can reveal your identity
  • The username should not be similar to your email address. Unless you are going to log in to a website that requires your email
  • You should avoid writing your contact number 
  • You should not write any address of your home or the address of your workplace. 
  • Do not write special characters and special symbols in creating a username 
  • Do not use super-odd, rude, and aggressive usernames

If your username is revealing your identity or your address, then you may face problems in your personal life. For example, if your username is Professor James and someone is trying to hack you. Or someone is trying to get access to reach you, they could get to know that where they have to go for you. And this will become your big mistake of selecting the wrong username. Also, this is not publically the right thing if you are disclosing your workplace in your username. Maybe it is against your company’s rules and regulations. 

On the other hand, always choose your funny username wisely. Your name should not reveal your password in any way. It is very easy to hack your account if your password is related to your username. For example, if your username is PellFree since04, then your password must not include since04 and also ensure that your password must not close to the user’s funny name. Lastly, you should avoid such names that can hurt anyone and can be disrespectful. Do not use a username that is highly offensive or rude. You can target gold diggers if your funny username is like Money Making Machine. And you can target people who are food lovers by choosing your funny usernames like a piece of cake and many more like these.  

Benefits for using funny usernames 

Funny usernames are not easy to forget in the middle world of usernames and they become more and more popular day by day. There are endless possibilities for you to become popular on social media. And the only thing you need to do is to add some creativity and innovation. 

List of funny usernames 

No matter it’s a dating website or online games or other social platforms we have some amazing ideas for you. You can either use them as it is or twist them in such a way to add more creativity to it. 

Online Games

If you like to play online games, then you would be conscious of the importance of using a unique and amazing online name. So that your opposite team will remember you. This will become your identity whenever you play that specific game. It is a great thing you can do so people will remember you for your unique name. Here are some ideas for funny usernames of online gamers.

  • fluffy_poppins
  • richest_man_alive
  • Godfather_season_2
  • Hairy_rabit
  • Google_now
  • i_love_father
  • a_cuddle_suck
  • ichty_wind 
  • dumest_boy
  • Scratchy_morgan
  • ramboo_copied 
  • Username_fake


If you are using an online dating site, then you have to choose a username that shows your personality rightly. Many people took an aggressive and inappropriate name for this purpose, and this can be finished up by wrongly used sites. You should try to choose attractive names of dating sites. Here are some ideas that will make a good impression and also a good perception of people.

  • Sinking_trainer
  • Mindless_swimmer 
  • Creepy_dude
  • In_jail
  • Love_writter 
  • Take_me_out
  • Pick_me_home
  • Laugh_bitch
  • Pop_lover 
  • Give_me_banana
  • Love_that_buzz
  • Hello_ignorant 

Social Media/Websites

We all know that social media platforms are one of the best places to show off your funny names. But you must know that social media do not allow you to use any vulgar names. From your username, people will think about your personality. For example, if you are sending a random follow request and you have a funny username, people would like to follow back you and accept your request. They might also want to do a conversation just to get to know more about you. There are many more sites where there is no restriction to select any type of username. They allow you everything in username. It can be funny, serious, or unique in any way. 


On social media, it is good for you to use usernames to get good attraction on the internet. Firstly, people will assume your personality only from your name. A funny name will make you different in a crowd of social media. You can get many kore followers with funny names because people will want to know about you. People will follow you and you will become popular on social media. Most people do not want to use their original name on social media and they need a nickname to use for their identity and to identify. After research, we find a list of fun usernames that you can select for your social media platform. These names will give you different benefits as well as make your friends laugh and also your username will create a good impression on social media. 

List of Funny usernames 

  • Cover Dover
  • Epic willy 
  • Blurry karma
  • Hey ben
  • Bad fail
  • Tea taken
  • That’s you
  • Follow me
  • Get out
  • Prince of princess 
  • Bloody charming 
  • Myname socks
  • Zero smasher
  • Butt taken
  • Cereal lover
  • Spiderman 
  • Yellow Batman
  • Fat Superman
  • White snowman
  • Grammar mistake 
  • Reptile blood
  • Superwomen
  • Behind Mike
  • Random squirts 
  • Sloppy advice 
  • Anonysneezer
  • Uncommon zombie 
  • Crazy lady
  • Cuddly cat
  • Depressing child
  • Arabic test
  • Danial explorer 
  • Nameless Bros
  • LookingAt Me
  • Coming soon
  • Itchy pawn 
  • crispy_eyes
  • Jelly_fish
  • james_bond
  • Uu_uploaded 
  • Belt_and_tie 
  • Uncommon_status 
  • who_is_president 
  • Sick_wish
  • Secret_name 
  • Hidden_status

Funny Usernames For Instagram

The selection of a right and username for Instagram or other social media accounts is an art. There is one pro tip that always uses a memorable name so the viewers and visitors can remember you’re fun username. That’s the only way to grab an audience on a large scale So there is a list down below for perfect usernames for everyone especially for users of Instagram. 

  • Daddy karma
  • Distract now
  • Hey come here
  • You stalker 
  • Pinky mouse 
  • Well named
  • Death Lord
  • Magic student
  • Imma lady
  • Stinky hat
  • Better_than_mom 
  • Shit tolerance 
  • I’m president 
  • Mylifemyrules
  • Love cheese fries 
  • Seizure believer 
  • Grey pop rocks 
  • Exotic bae
  • Scratchy bra
  • Yellow monkey
  • Pennine pants
  • Wolves’ knots
  • Bigfoot dude 
  • Death’s snowman
  • Dust was real
  • Foil coil
  • Before danger
  • Banana king
  • Max charming
  • White egg rice
  • Flush negativity 

Funny Usernames For Boys

If you have a common name and it is already taken by another. So don’t take more tension because there is always an alternative solution to every problem. You can choose a fun username for games Id. You can connect with your friends and others on gaming sites. Also, you can show your identity by using your nickname from which at least your friends could know you. 

  • Imyourfather
  • Hey boy
  • Hitler
  • Lick44skin
  • Gonow
  • Group
  • Killme
  • Lol_rambo
  • Youfarted
  • All yours 
  • Hugme 
  • Killer69
  • I’m winner 
  • You sucks
  • I hate losers
  • Addicted of aliens
  • Father of dragons
  • Buzzed child 
  • Desperate student
  • Chillin vape

Funny Usernames For Girls

There is also a long list of amazing usernames for girls. You can choose anyone that you like and even innovate it more according to your desire. 

  • Baby noodles
  • Fizzy doodles
  • Laundry boo
  • Chubby queen
  • Hear my fart
  • Leave me alone
  • Pinky roses 
  • Crazy angle 
  • Chop balls
  • Strike swimmer 
  • Jelly cake
  • Queen of sky
  • Imyourlady 
  • Baby boo
  • I ate your cookie 
  • Angry bird
  • Hotgirl cuddle
  • Moms’ chief 
  • Sweet spaghetti 
  • Fat potato
  • Harmless patrol 
  • Swage girl 
  • Bread butter
  • Sweet cake 
  • Unicorn shirt 
  • Danger free
  • Im robot 
  • Pin cake
  • Mushroom lover
  • Wet eyelash
  • Confused alien 
  • Daddy’s princess 
  • Queen of Instagram
  • Fresh student
  • Oven baked 
  • Slice cuter 
  • Juicy lips
  • Cool clothes
  • Before hugz
  • Let’s do it 
  •  Love parsley 
  • Sweet horn
  • Fizzy sauce 
  • Cuddle me now
  • For you
  • Im waiting
  • Come baby
  • Born killer 

How to Choose a Good and funny Twitter Username

The username or handle can be your identity on Twitter. It is good if your name is unique and it is not already taken by another person on Twitter. But if it is taken by someone else so you can also use a funny username for your Twitter account. For example, if your name is Maha Ansari so you can create your username as @maha_crazyangel.

Tips for choosing a username for Twitter 

Following are some useful tips that you should keep in your mind when you are choosing a Twitter username:

  • A good username for a Twitter account should be similar to your original name. If your name is already used on Twitter so you can add some adjectives with your name. You can also use funny usernames for example if your name is Hamza so you can write your username like @handsomehamza 
  • If you want that your family do not get to know about your account so you can write more funny usernames  


If you want to choose a username that you have already established or created on other websites so you can also use it on Twitter. For example, if you want that your username relates to being your email address and your email address is


  • You may think to use @tealover23 as your Twitter username 
  • You can also choose your last name for Twitter as a username so you can find yourself easily without writing your first name. 
  • If you want to use your company name or your brand or business name as your username, you can use it. All you have to do is you will write the business name in the name text box which is on the setting page of your Twitter account.


Just like every platform, Twitter also comes with its own set of rules. It is important to make sure yourself as well that your name is not hurting someone. It should not lead to discrimination or negative feelings for someone. Your username can even get banned by the platform too if people complain about it. As a business or company name, like a digital marketing startup, you can pick a funny name as well. It should be something funny related to the field that people already know. It shows a good connection and sense of humor. 


You should always try to use a shorter usernames everywhere. Because as we all know that we can only tweet to 140 characters. So, if you have a longer username and people are replying to you so they have a small content space to write a message for you. Moreover, shortner names are easier for people to remember. Rather than taking time and reading your longer name, people prefer to let it go. 


Twitter only gives you the limited number of characters that are 15 to select your username. It is only for this reason because they have already a specific limit of characters to tweet. You should try to have small and funny usernames so people can laugh at your tweet as well as ready your name. By using fun usernames, you can also be the reason for someone’s smile or laugh in a world full of depression. 

List of some funny usernames for Twitter:


  • @Ali_heartbreaker 
  • @chubby_girl
  • @positive vibe
  • @hitler 
  • @nani tara
  • @Pubg tweets 
  • @Revengetaker 
  • @im twitter 
  • @Imlooking 
  • @Handsomeboy
  • @Prettygirl
  • @Asstaken
  • @Behindimage 
  • @ben_fall 
  • @Need_drugs 
  • @Doodle 
  • @pricess tweets 

Add anything to make a funny username:

There are some cool and amazing things or ideas you can add to your username to make them funny. It depends on your likings and disliking also. For example, your favorite color is pink and you like bananas and your favorite animal is the monkey and also you like a digit of 7. So you can choose your unique username that is pinkmonkeybanana7. There can be many more examples like that.


Consider your school and your town, or some other things that are relative to you that where you live and what you like or what you care about and also what you do not like. You can use anything you want to make a perfect username. One thing you must not forget is that do not give more accurate personal information in your username. There can be someone present on the internet who can try to hack your account or try to identify your location. So be careful in choosing your name for any platform. 


To pick out a fun name, you can also use the help of username generators. There are tons of it online and free to use. You can add any random words and the generator wil pick out a lot of ideas for you. Based on what you like and prefer, you can pick your name for any platform. Mostly people use the same username for their social media accounts and applications. As it is easy to remember and your friends or family can know its you. 


Example from which you can choose your username

  • You can choose a username by simple giving some information like your favorite color, your hobbies, your favorite number, and then the computer will generate a funny username for you automatically 
  • Like your favorite color is purple your habit is reading books and your favorite digit is 12 so the names can be “readingbooks12″ or “purplebooks12″ 
  • You can get 30 names like this and when you refresh it you can get more usernames 



All is that you can easily generate cool and funny usernames for any of your social media platforms. It has many benefits and advantages for choosing a funny username as mentioned above. Your username is the very first impression of you to anyone else mind. It is your responsibility to choose the right and funny name for your accounts. Also, it is a great way to spread positivity in the world and some laughter.