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How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray


One of the early collectibles that you will be tasked with locating in Stray is a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent. You will be able to locate it in the Slums, which is located relatively close to the start of your journey with your lovely kitty. If you are able to find the detergent, you can talk to the merchant Azooz about purchasing an Electric Cable from him. This cable is necessary to complete the quest and fix the Broken Tracker. Having said that, the first step is to locate the detergent. The directions that are provided below will walk you through finding the Super Spirit Detergent inside of the bottle. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

You may find the Super Spirit Laundry on the ground floor of Slums by looking for the enormous neon sign that is positioned outside of the establishment. Upon arrival, you will discover that the door leading to the washing room is now inaccessible due to maintenance being performed on the door. Because of this, you will need to design a plan to persuade the proprietor to open the entrance for you so that you can enter the building.

How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

To the right of the entrance is a number of different things that you may jump on, including an air conditioner and a breaker box. Utilize the materials that have been provided for you as stepping stones as you make your way to the top of the structure.

How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

When you reach the highest point, you will run into a robot named Vapora who is having fun with a friend who is sitting on the roof next to him and tossing paint cans at him. When you reach the pinnacle, you will meet face to face with Vapora. When you are close enough to him, a prompt will appear that will allow you to stand close by and converse with him while he is working. This will be possible once you have reached the required proximity to him. If you start meowing at him right as he’s going to throw the paint can, you’ll get him to let go of it, which will result in it falling to the ground below on the street. Oops.

How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

In reaction to this, the proprietor of the laundry will immediately run through the door, and once inside, they will immediately begin cleaning it up. This implies that you can now head back down and proceed through the door behind him without encountering any difficulties.

How to Find Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

As soon as you go in the front door, the bottle of Super Spirit Detergent will be waiting for you on a shelf not far away, close to the window.


When you have the detergent in your inventory, you can trade it in at the merchant for an electric cable. This will allow you to proceed with the mission to fix the broken tracker.


Where to find laundry detergent in Stray?

Where exactly can I find the laundry detergent called Super Spirit in Stray? The shop for Super Spirit Laundry is located in close proximity to the shop owned by the Guardian. It is virtually directly in front of them and can be recognised by the piles of laundry that are hung outside in addition to the neon sign that reads “Super Spirit Laundry.”

Who is the cold robot in Stray?

During your time spent playing Stray, you will come into contact with a number of important individuals, including Elliot. The plot of Stray will eventually lead you to a point where the robot Elliot needs to be warmed up, and you will be responsible for providing him with a poncho to do so. Once Elliot has put on the Poncho, he will, fortunately, be more than eager to assist you in repairing the Broken Tracker.

Can I wear the Poncho in Stray?

When you go to Chapter 6 – The Slums, unfortunately, the poncho isn’t for you and you can’t wear it; but, there is someone in The Slums who does need it. You can give it to them (Part 2).

How long will Stray take to complete?

Stray is approximately five hours long when one is only concerned with the game’s primary goals. If you are the type of gamer who wants to experience everything the game has to offer, you should plan to devote approximately nine and a half hours to get 100% game completion.

What engine is Stray made in?

The Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).
The Unreal Engine 4 is utilised by the game. Kowloon Walled City was a significant visual inspiration for Stray. Koola and Viv were drawn to the city’s organic architecture and found that it presented an exciting challenge to them as artists.