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How to Guard Counter in Elden Ring


In Sekiro, a Guard Counter fulfils a purpose that is comparable to that of a Perfect Parry, albeit with restrictions for the amount of time it must take to complete it that are a little less stringent. It’s a mechanic within the game that makes the process of constructing defences a lot more fun. Players that play defence are given a new tool called a Guard Counter, which can be used to punish opponents who are extremely aggressive. Players that wish to defend themselves now have the option of deploying a Guard Counter rather than simply hiding behind a Shield and occasionally attempting to deal harm. An explanation of how to guard counter in Elder Ring is provided below. So let’s get started:

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How to Guard Counter in Elden Ring

To perform a Guard Counter, you must first locate an opponent who hits near to you. The Godrick Soldiers that appear early on in Limgrave are a fantastic enemy to use for testing out this feature; but, the Guard Counter can be triggered by any foe that provides damage that can be blocked. For example, blocking a Glintstone Pebble at melee range will still allow for a Guard Counter to be used, just like it would for a physical damage attack.

How to Guard Counter in Elden Ring

To perform a Guard Counter, you must first press the left shoulder button (L1) to raise your Shield just as you are about to take damage. When the assault penetrates your shield and causes damage to your stamina bar, you should immediately push the right trigger (R2). If all goes according to plan, a distinctive sound effect will play while your character executes a one-of-a-kind animation to retaliate against the foe, doing a significant amount of damage to both their health point total and their secret posture metre.

Guard Counter Tips:

When it comes to melee fighting, previous FromSoftware games emphasise dodging in and out of the fray in order to deliver a small amount of damage at a time. Because shield-wielding melee players now have an additional mechanic to keep an eye out for and take advantage of, staying in the heart of a fight is considerably more encouraged than it was in the Dark Souls series.

Make use of shields that have a greater Guard Boost value to get the most out of the stamina you save, and think about employing the Barricade Shield Ash of War to make blocking even more effective while still giving yourself plenty of stamina for your comeback. Because Guard Counters can only be performed if you still have Stamina after blocking an attack, you need to make sure that you keep your Shield down in between enemy assaults so that you can regain Stamina much more rapidly.


Do you need a shield to guard counter Elden Ring?

In order to effectively use this tactic in combat, you must pay close attention to the actions of your adversary. In order to successfully execute this method, you will first need to block their attack once they have struck. However, in order to perform a guard counter, you must first be able to wield a shield.

Can you guard counter with a weapon in Elden Ring?

In order to initiate a Guard Counter, you must first use your shield to fend off an approaching melee assault from an enemy. As soon as you have successfully blocked the strike, you are obligated to perform a powerful attack with your weapon. When you press R2/RT on, you activate a slower attack that you can do. If you press the R1/RB light attack button, the Guard Counter ability will not activate.

Can you guard counter Margit?

If you are not yet confident in your ability to dodge strikes, it is recommended that you equip yourself with a shield that offers a high level of resistance to both physical and magical damage. Margit’s posture can be swiftly broken by weapons that give rapid slashes or heavy hits; scimitars, twinblades, and greatswords are all good examples of such weapons. This leaves Margit vulnerable to receiving a critical hit.

Is a parry a guard counter?

To parry an attack from an opponent, you must press a button at the appropriate time during the strike. This is similar to how guard counters work. The only difference is that this time, as the opponent strike is about to hit you, you quickly push the block button. If you execute it correctly, you will immediately leave your opponent vulnerable to a critical hit.

Why can’t I guard in Elden Ring?

Before you can properly execute a guard counter, you must first successfully block an attack. That requires you to have a shield and a lot of stamina, as it should come as no surprise. If you try to block an attack but run out of stamina in the process, the guard counter will be invalidated and you will take damage.