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How to Fix “OpenGL Error 1282″ In Minecraft


OpenGL Error 1282 is a very common OpenGL error that appears in Minecraft and many other OpenGL games. This OpenGL error can be annoying, but there are easy ways to fix OpenGL Error 1282. There is no one way that will work for everyone, so this article includes multiple ways on how to fix the OpenGL Error 1282 problem.

1: Update your graphics card drivers

One of the most often recommendations for fixing OpenGL errors is updating your graphics card drivers. If you have an older version of OpenGl installed on your computer, then it may conflict with new versions of OpenGL updates that come out from time to time. You should always ensure that you have downloaded and installed any OpenGL updates from your graphics card manufacturer. This OpenGL error is most commonly caused by outdated video drivers, so updating your drivers often resolves the OpenGL Error 1282 issue.

2: Update your OpenGL version

Another way to fix OpenGL Error 1282 is to simply update the OpenGL version that you have on your computer. If you have an older OpenGL version installed on your computer, then it might not be compatible with the latest Minecraft updates which cause this OpenGL error. So make sure to download and install any updates for OpenGL from its official site here . The newest OpenGL versions will often include significant visual changes, performance improvements or bug fixes which can resolve common errors such as OpenGL Error 1282 in Minecraft.

3: Update your Minecraft version

Updating Minecraft to the latest version will often fix OpenGL Error 1282 and other OpenGL errors. The OpenGL implementation is constantly changing in Minecraft, so sometimes updating your OpenGL drivers or OpenGL version does not resolve this OpenGL Error 1282 problem. If you are playing on a server that only has an older version of Minecraft then it may be causing this issue. This OpenGL error can also appear when you have installed a mod for Minecraft that is incompatible with your current version of Minecraft. Updating your Minecraft to the latest release fixes many OpenGL errors such as OpenGL Error 1282 in some cases.

4: Change render distance

Changing render distance to either short or tiny can help resolve OpenGL Error 1282 in some cases. This OpenGL error appears because there is a limit on the number of chunks that Minecraft can render at once. So if you change your render distance to short or tiny this OpenGL error will be resolved, but it may also significantly decrease the quality of the game and lower your fps. If changing your render distance fixes OpenGL Error 1282 then keep it at that setting as it will likely fix OpenGL issues with other games as well.

5: Repair Minecraft installation

The last way on how to fix OpenGL Error 1282 is by repairing your Minecraft installation. You should repair your Minecraft installation if you have recently applied an update to Minecraft that included significant changes to OpenGL rendering. This OpenGL error can also appear after updating Minecraft mods or installing multiple mods, so it is recommended that you try this method first. Repairing the Minecraft installation should fix OpenGL Error 1282 without any issue.

6: Update Java

Updating Java may also help resolve OpenGL Error 1282 in some cases, but this depends on which version of java you are using and how old it is. If the most recent version of Java does not fix OpenGL Error 1282 then try a more recent version of java from here . OpenGL Error 1282 is likely caused by an old version of Java, so make sure to update it and try OpenGL again.

7: Turn off your Antivirus

Some Antiviruses can conflict with OpenGL and cause OpenGL Error 1282. Try disabling your antivirus and running Minecraft again to see if that resolves OpenGL errors such as OpenGL Error 1282. This OpenGL error is usually resolved by disabling your antivirus or adding minecraft.exe or minecraft_server.exe to your antivirus exceptions list in order to run the game normally without any issue. If you are playing on a server then try using a Minecraft client instead, since players are more likely to have an antivirus installed on their Minecraft client than the server.

8: Reinstall OpenGL

Reinstalling OpenGL will fix OpenGL Error 1282 in some cases. If your Minecraft or java installation is corrupt then OpenGL might crash when trying to run the game, so reinstalling OpenGL should resolve this issue. This OpenGL error can also appear if you are using a cracked version of Minecraft since the OpenGL libraries included with it may be outdated and incompatible with recent releases of Minecraft or java updates. Make sure that you are using a legit copy of Minecraft before attempting to re-install OpenGL again to prevent any more OpenGL errors from appearing!


So far we have covered how to fix OpenGL Error 1282 and what causes OpenGL errors such as OpenGL Error 1282 in Minecraft. If you have any other questions about OpenGL error 1282 then feel free to leave a comment below! Maybe this article has fixed OpenGL Error 1282 for you or maybe not, but keep following us for more future updates on OpenGL errors such as OpenGL Error 1282 and how to fix them.