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How to Get a Blue Crosshair in Valorant


Riot Games only provides a limited palette of colour options for its crosshair modification out of the box. However, with the assistance of recently released software developed by a third party known as Valorant CC, players are now able to change the colour of their crosshairs to any colour of their choosing. The blue crosshair can also be obtained by utilising this method on its own. Installing Valorant CC and using its blue colour code are both required steps in order to obtain the blue crosshair in Valorant.

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How to Get a Blue Crosshair in Valorant

Downloading and Installing Valorant CC

You may get the Valorant CC application by going to the official Github page and downloading it. Simply install the software onto your desktop like you would any other application. During the installation process, it will suggest that you download the.Net Desktop Runtime as well. In order for Valorant CC to function properly, you will need to download and install the additional framework plugins that are recommended.

Custom crosshair color using Valorant CC

Follow the instructions that are provided after installing Valorant CC on your desktop to link your account and configure your crosshair.

  • Launch the Riot Client launcher and minimise the window that it opens. Launch the Valorant CC application as the next step in the process. You will be able to create a connection between Valorant and Valorant CC if you carry out the steps in the instruction in the sequence that was specified.
  • Once the connection has been made, the application will present you with a list of all of the possible crosshair settings within the game. The dropbox is located in the top right corner and provides access to the list.
  • After you have selected the crosshair, go to the primary colour box and select whatever shade of blue you like.

How to Get a Blue Crosshair in Valorant

  • In addition to the primary crosshair, you have the ability to customise the appearance of the ADS and sniper crosshairs, giving each one a colour of your choosing.

How to Get a Blue Crosshair in Valorant

It is important to keep in mind that Riot Games does not place any restrictions on the use of such software because it does not affect the program’s integrity. Use of the programme is still done so at your own risk. There will be no responsibility taken for any bans.


Is Valorant CC safe?

The fact that its solution poses a significant threat to the safety of users who install Valorant is the source of the problem. And the reason for this is that the anti-cheat mechanism is always active even though it is not necessary. Riot has included a critical flaw in their system’s security, which is the primary reason we do not advise installing this game.

Is Valorant CC allowed?

The bannable status of ValorantCC is #18.

What’s the best Valorant crosshair color?

White. White is the optimal colour to use if you are having trouble seeing clearly, controlling your recoil, or if your display is on the small side. It is always a good idea to go back to the roots, and the default setting of many first-person shooter games before valorant was a white crosshair with outlines, so that’s what we went with in valorant.

Can you DOX on Valorant?

On our site, we have a strict policy that allows no tolerance for doxxing of any kind. Do not pretend to be somebody else. In particular, you shouldn’t try to pass yourself off as Rioters or highly visible players.

Is Val tracker Bannable?

Utilizing the Valorant Tracker will not result in a ban for you.… Riot Games acknowledges Tracker Network as one of its trusted third-party developers. Our Valorant website and apps have been granted authorised access to the official Valorant Application Programming Interface (API) that is offered by Riot Games.