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How To Save A TikTok Draft To Camera Roll


It’s simple to save a video on TikTok as a draught, but can the film also be saved to your gallery? TikTok is the best option for modifying videos because to the extensive library of filters, editing options, and tunes, among other things. In point of fact, some users modify their films using TikTok and then delete the app’s watermark when they’re finished. Nevertheless, it might be difficult to save a TikTok video to your gallery or camera roll on your device. This is due to the fact that there is no option on the editing screen to save the video immediately after it has been edited. As a result, a significant number of people who use TikTok are clueless about the process of saving their edited draft(s) in the gallery of their mobile device after making changes to them.

Following the instructions in this post will teach you how to save a draught video from TikTok to the gallery on your phone in just three easy steps.

How To Save A TikTok Draft To Camera Roll

You will first need to locate the TikTok draught video that you want to save in your gallery on your profile before you can proceed. After that, you must make the video private and ensure that the “Save to device” option is turned on before you share it. You also have the option of recording the video on your phone by utilising the screen recorder app.

You can locate a TikTok draught that you have saved under your profile after it has been saved. You just need to touch on the draught, then tap on its caption in order to make changes to it.

Unfortunately, there is no option for you to immediately save the movie to the gallery on your phone at this time. You will need to publish the video in order to keep a copy of it.

However, submitting the draught will result in the video being shown publicly on the “For You” tab of other users as well as the followers of the person who posted the draught.

You’ll need to set your video to private viewing if you don’t want it to be accessible to the general public. TikTok users are fortunate in that the app enables them to adjust the privacy settings of their videos. The following is a detailed walkthrough that will show you how to make your draught video on TikTok private and save it to the gallery on your phone.

Step 1: Navigate to the draft video

How To Save A TikTok Draft To Camera Roll

First things first, launch TikTok on whichever mobile device you’re using. The next step is to find the video draught that you’ve already saved on TikTok and click on it. Be sure to record a video first if you haven’t already done so if you haven’t already. Next, you’ll need to save the video to your draughts by clicking the “Drafts” button.

Tap the “Me” icon located at the very bottom of the navigation bar to access your draughts. Following this link will take you to your profile, where you will be able to see any videos you have uploaded. You’ll notice that there’s a rectangle on your videos that reads “Drafts.” Simply see your draught by tapping on the rectangle labelled “Drafts” (s). You will need to make some changes to the draught before you can save it, so go on to the next step to learn how to do that.

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Step 2: Tap on the draft to edit it

Once you’ve selected your draughts, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the draughts that you’ve created. Your draughts will be organized depending on the most recent changes made to them. This implies that if you have recently made changes to a document, those changes will be shown at the top of the list. To make changes to the draught, press the caption that appears below the video.

If you haven’t already captioned the video, you’ll see the text “Add a caption” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You may also make edits to the video by tapping on it. You will also note that there is an option labelled “Select” on the top navigation bar of the screen that you may use. Do not use the “Select” option since this menu item can only be used to delete videos.

Instead, you should touch on either the video itself or the description that accompanies it. Continue on to the next and final step to learn how to save the video draught to the gallery or camera roll of your mobile device.

Step 3: Private the video and enable “Save to device”

When you have navigated to the page for editing, you will see that there is a section where you are able to add a caption to the video. Below that, you’ll notice a few more choices for you to choose from. The draught that you create cannot be saved to your gallery on TikTok since that option is not available.

You will first need to publish it before you will be able to save it to your gallery. On the other hand, if you publish the video without first adjusting its private settings, then any and all viewers will be able to see it. Therefore, before you publish the video, you need to ensure that its privacy settings are set to private rather than public.

To begin, choose the option that asks “Who may see this video?” by tapping on it. Once you have touched on the tab, you will be presented with three alternatives, including “Everyone,” “Friends,” and “Private,” from which you may choose one. When you choose “Everyone,” it indicates that your video will be seen by all users.

“Friends” restricts access to your video to just those of your followers who are also following you back. “Private” restricts access to the video to just you alone. To make your movie private, first choose the “Private” option from the drop-down menu, then hit the “X” symbol.

You will need to check the box labelled “Save to device” before the video can be added to your collection of videos. If you enable “Store to device,” TikTok will save the video on your device after you publish it, even if you delete it from the app.

If you choose not to activate it, the video will not be automatically stored to your gallery; instead, you will be required to save it on your own manually. In the last step, choose “Post” to upload the movie in a secret manner. Following the publication of the film, it will be added to the gallery that you have access to. Because your video is set to private viewing, no one except yourself will be able to see it.

Congratulations, you’ve been successful in saving a draught video to your gallery from TikTok!


Do TikTok draughts be saved to my iCloud account when I sync my device?

Apple’s iCloud users may believe they’re safe. Since iCloud only syncs your data with other Apple devices, it is not a backup solution. This means that if your Mac and iPhone are synchronised and you accidentally delete your stored TikToks from your iPhone, your Mac will also delete them.

Do you know where the draughts of your TikTok posts are kept?

You’ll find it in the top-left of your TikTok videos. This folder contains all of your stored draughts. Open a draught for editing by tapping on it. You may now utilise all of TikTok’s editing features, including adding or modifying music, writing and subtitles, applying effects, and more.

Where are the editing options in TikTok?

The first approach to modify TikTok draughts before uploading requires that you first record or produce a video in TikTok, save it as a draught, and then continue to utilise the second method. You must first locate draughts in TikTok in order to make edits before they are posted.