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How to Get and Trade Blueprint in Rocket League


As the name implies, a Blueprint in Rocket League is the fundamental design for how an in-game item would operate. It gives you a sneak peek of what the finished product will look like and explains all the necessary steps to finish the job. The game also features several original concepts and approaches, one of which is the subject of this article. You will learn how to obtain and exchange blueprint in this guide for Rocket League. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get and Trade Blueprint in Rocket League

Get Blueprint:

You are offered the chance to obtain a disclosed Blueprint when you triumph in a Rocket League match. After purchasing a Blueprint, you could use Credits to make the item it was related to or trade it in. You might also decide to retain it in your inventory and build or trade with it later.

How to Get and Trade Blueprint in Rocket League

What to do with a Blueprint?

As mentioned, Rocket League enables you to create objects using the Blueprints you collect. Of course, you’ll need to spend your hard-earned Credits to turn a common Blueprint into a valuable object. You could alternatively decide to keep the Blueprint in your inventory if you don’t have enough Credits but believe it to be worthwhile. Finally, if you don’t think the Blueprint is useful, you can sell it or trade it with other players.

Trade Blueprints:

If you play Rocket League frequently, you likely have a sizable collection of Blueprints. Unfortunately, most of the Blueprints we obtain following matches are of poor quality, making them unusable for Player-to-Player trading. Furthermore, the current Blueprint technology is notoriously pricey, discouraging relatively few users from building things from them.

Fortunately, Rocket League includes a decent trade-in system that, when used properly, can net you a few extremely rare Blueprints. But first, let’s look at some restrictions before learning more about the trade-in system.

Trade-in rules

  • Five blueprints can be exchanged for a single random blueprint. The resulting Blueprint would be among the traded Blueprints’ second-highest rarities.
  • The rarity of each Blueprint must be the same.
  • The same series must be used for all Blueprints. You would also receive a Blueprint from the same series.
  • Illicit markets Although they are part of the trade-in system, blueprints cannot be traded in.

How to Get and Trade Blueprint in Rocket League

The worth of blueprints:

  • Five Rare Blueprints = One Very Rare Blueprint;
  • Five Very Rare Blueprint = One Import Blueprint;
  • Five Import Blueprints = One Exotic Blueprint;
  • Five Exotic Blueprints =  One Black Market Blueprint;

The final Blueprint can be Special Edition, Painted, or Certified.

Trade-in mechanism

Let’s look at how to use the trade-in system now that you are fully aware of the regulations governing the trade-in program. You must go to “Garage,” click “Manage Inventory,” and then choose the blueprints you wish to trade in to reach the trade-in options.


How rare are blueprints in Rocket League?

Blueprints are obtained through gameplay, in-game activities, challenges, and the Rocket Pass. Although more specialized blueprints can be acquired through the Rocket Pass and the Challenges system, they are produced at random following games.

Are blueprints random in Rocket League?

Rocket League has random blueprint drops after online matches. Thus, the only way to get more is to play the game more.

How much does it cost to build a blueprint Rocket League?

Following the transaction, the Credits will show up in your inventory for you to utilize in the game in various ways: Building Plans: It could cost anything between 50 Credits to more than 1000 Credits, depending on the object inside the Blueprint.

What is the rarest Rocket League item ever?

The most rare item in Rocket League is Alpha Boost, sometimes called Gold Rush. From February through August 2014, only players who participated in the game’s Alpha testing phase before its official release could obtain this limited edition item.