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How to Use Wildwasps in Fortnite


Undoubtedly, the jungle is a deadly environment, and this is also true in Fortnite. Several identified landmarks on the map were gone before Chapter 4 of Season 3 began, and a sizable jungle habitat replaced them. There are many dangerous plants and animals in the damp, lush environment. Players will be able to discover everything there is to know about these creatures, including where they may locate them most frequently and how to turn them into weapons. How to use Wildwasps in Fortnite is covered in this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Use Wildwasps in Fortnite

Find Wildwasps

In addition to being nearby the named locations, landmarks, and environs, wildwasps can also be found in the jungle habitat. They frequently fly about the untamed sections of the game, but they are also drawn to Fortnite’s brand-new jungle vegetation.

How to Use Wildwasps in Fortnite

Wildwasp swarms will not act aggressively when gathering around the jungle plants, making it safe to approach them. Gamers can go closer to the wasps as long as they give a blue glow. The Wildwasp Jar item can then be created by pressing the “gather” option and placing the wasps inside a jar.

Wildwasp Attacks

Wildwasps frequently run through the jungle, and if there is a red glow inside the swarm, that indicates that they are aggressive and will attack. A Wildwasp Jar thrown at them will instantly enrage them and have them attack anyone nearby. The Wildguard Relik boss wills Wildwasp Jars at the player to inflict damage. Although a Wildwasp attack may not initially appear very dangerous, players can lose significant health if they don’t get away soon.

How to Use Wildwasps in Fortnite

Their health could quickly decline if players can’t escape the wild wasps. Wildwasps deliver eight damage per tick. In particular, if they turn on Chapter 4, Season 3, Reality Augment: Wildwasp Weaponry, players can benefit from wasps. With this feature, players will get several Wildwasp Jars immediately and more each time they defeat an adversary.

Get Away From a Wildwasp Swarm

Fortunately, players who these animals are attacking can flee. If the player goes in the water or becomes covered in muck, wildwasps will no longer be able to find them. Locating a water source or mud puddles in the bush won’t be too tough.


What do wasps do in fortnite?

Fireflies have been around for a while, allowing you to gather a jar and light your foes on fire, but Chapter 4 Season 3 has introduced wasps, a more viscous bug. We’ll show you how to gather these jars so you can trap and jar these wasps so you can fling them at enemies to slowly harm them.

Is the wasp good or bad?

Wasps are most likely best known for ruining summer picnics, but they are actually crucial to maintaining the balance of the ecology. Without wasps, spiders and other insects might take over the planet.

Who was the first icon in Fortnite?

Ninja, a Twitch streamer and professional Fortnite player, was the first Icon to ever appear in-game.

Does everyone start as a girl in Fortnite?

Therefore, there is a 50 percent possibility that you will automatically be assigned a different gender with that character each time you start a new game.

Who was the first villain in Fortnite?

The Visitor was the first antagonist in Fortnite history, but is today recognized as one of the brave Seven. In a meteor that destroyed Dusty Depot, he arrived to the island.