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How to Get Coins in Handyman Roblox


The Handyman lovers are curious about how they can get coins in Handyman Roblox. You can make money in the game by using different strategies. As we all know that Handyman is set in a lavish virtual world. It gives you endless opportunities to make money. You just have to find the right methods to earn more and more coins in the game.


The first method is to do some farming. If you have played farming games before then you must know how to make more coins using the farming tasks. The players can complete the farming tasks provided in the game and win coins.


The video game also provides you with a chance to earn money through mining. You will be awarded some great tools to mine around the virtual world of Handyman. Do your best and sort out all the missions of mining tasks by delivering your best.


Shovel around the wide green land in the Handyman and take the treasure boxes out of the ground. The players will be given the task to dig the ground and take the treasure boxes out of the green land. You must drop the boxes in the drop land to earn your coins.


If you want to earn more coins in the game, then you can also take up the fishing task. Catching up some fish will be a fun and challenging task at the same time. Search the water and take out the fish from the sea. This will allow you to earn a good amount of coins. This super fun task will allow you to add a lot of coins to your bucket.

Check your Inventory

Check your inventory to see if there is any leftover food or coin. Make sure to collect them and drop-in in the drop box. If you wish to earn some more coins without performing any tasks, then the best choice is to find any rare items in the inventory. You can sell rare items and can earn many coins.