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How to Get the Helicopter and Radio in Handyman Roblox


The helicopter in Handyman can allow you to deal with numerous challenges in the game. You will be struck with lightning and thunder. The tall trees and bushes can be a serious hassle and will not allow you to pass the level of the games. The helicopter will allow you to fly in the sky and pass through all these hurdles. To get the helicopter in the Handyman Roblox you will have to complete a few tasks. If you are in a hurry to hop into the helicopter, then you can also choose to buy the helicopter using your coins.

Handyman Roblox is one of the most thrilling games and has won millions of hearts all around the world. People of all ages are engrossed in intriguing video games and want to know all the tricks and tips to win every level of the game. If you are a crazy fan of Handyman Roblox and want to beat every level of the game, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will be providing you with all the details to win the highest-rated video game Handyman.

How to get radio in handyman Roblox

Getting a radio in the Handyman Roblox can allow you to pass the levels of the game easily. You will have to get the Boombox to use the radio in the game. To get the Boombox you will have to use the + button. This button is located on the right side. You will be required to use your code IDs as there are different Game codes provided to the players in the Roblox.