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Destiny 2

How to Get Deep Explorer Armor in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 includes a large number of iconic armor sets, which players can use to give their Guardians a variety of different looks to wear. The possibilities for style are practically limitless thanks to the fact that players can apply armor shaders and transmogrify their armor to create unique combinations of different sets of armor. Players who are looking for high-stat armor to finish off a build might have their sights set on the Deep Explorer armor set; however, the location of this set within the game is not immediately obvious. In this article, we will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain the deep explorer armor in Destiny 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Deep Explorer Armor in Destiny 2

Within the Duality Dungeon, there are three different encounters that players can participate in to earn rewards. In addition to the armor pieces, players have the opportunity to acquire the new dungeon weapons from each encounter. One example of this is The Epicurean, a reworked version of the Opulent Fusion Rifle god roll that can be found in Destiny 2. Players will need to be patient and repeat each encounter multiple times in order to obtain the complete set of armor for all of their Guardian classes. This is because there are five different pieces of armor that are specific to each class, six different weapons, and an exotic heart shadow sword.

How to Get Deep Explorer Armor in Destiny 2

The Sorrow Bearer, The Vault, and Calus’s Greatest Shame are the three encounters where players can earn the Deep Explorer armor sets. These sets can be obtained by defeating the respective bosses. Players can ensure that they earn all three sets as quickly as possible by completing each encounter with a fireteam and then exiting the dungeon before the encounters begin while the members of the fireteam are still present. This is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. The next step for players is to select a different character, return to their fireteam, and begin the process again in order to accumulate checkpoints for all three of their characters. Players of Destiny 2 can speed up their progress through the game by skipping over some of the puzzles along the way if they earn checkpoints and use them to purchase various pieces of character armor. The following is a list of different types of armor that can be obtained from different kinds of encounters:

  • Sorrow Bearer: Helmet, Arms, and Legs.
  • The Vault: Arms, Chest, and a Class Item are all required.
  • Calus’s Greatest Shame:  This fight offers the opportunity to earn every piece of armor.


Can you still get dino armor Destiny 2?

It is necessary to make a purchase from the Eververse store, located within Destiny 2, in order to acquire the dino armor. You can access this store at any time by selecting the Store tab on the Director user interface. The physical location of this store is on the Tower to the right of the Postmaster.

Can you have full exotic armor in Destiny 2?

Weapons and armor of the yellow or golden class with special bonuses and characteristics are known as exotics. You will only be able to equip one Exotic item at a time in any given slot, regardless of whether that slot is for a weapon or armor. These powerful and one-of-a-kind items come with a catch. (A good rule of thumb to follow is that you can only equip one golden item on each side of the inventory screen.)

Can you wear full exotic armor in Destiny 2?

But there is a catch: you can only have one piece of Exotic armor equipped at a time and only one Exotic weapon in your inventory at any given time. That entails that you’ll have some decisions to make as a result.

How rare is 1k Destiny 2?

It is relatively simple to bypass all of the other enemies in the raid, fight the Riven, and emerge victorious with the Ethereal Key by using the wish wall. There is only a 10% chance, by default, of opening a Last Wish chest and finding One Thousand Voices inside.

What is the most op weapon in Destiny 2?

The one and only Sword occupies the top spot on this list. The Lament is an absolute monster that, thanks to its ability to be revved up and deal massive bonus damage, enables some of the most damage per second (DPS) output available in the game.

What is the least used exotic in Destiny 2?

Due to its lackluster performance as a linear fusion rifle, the Queenbreaker has been neglected for years. In the Lightfall expansion, it received a buff that provided it with some new capabilities. In addition to this, it was unaffected by the changes made to the linear fusion rifle. Even so, The Queenbreaker continues to be one of Destiny 2’s worst and least-used Exotic weapons.