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Destiny 2

How to Get Sunbracers in Destiny 2


Sunbracers are exotic gauntlets for the Warlock class that are focused on the Solar subclass. Sunbracers have been around since the release of the first Destiny game, but they underwent a minor overhaul prior to the release of Destiny 2. It is recommended that players who want to clear content with a high number of enemies create a build tailored specifically for these gauntlets if they want to unlock the full potential of a grenade-focused build. Due to the effect of the item, players who equip themselves with the Sunbracers Exotic Armor in Destiny 2 are able to significantly boost the amount of damage they deal, reaching incredible levels. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire sunbracers in Destiny 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Sunbracers in Destiny 2

Sunbracers Exotic Perk: Helium Spirals

Helium Spirals is the exotic perk that comes with Sunbracers. Without taking into account any of the other Warlock-specific Aspects, the duration of solar grenades is increased from four seconds to eight seconds as a result of this change.

How to Get Sunbracers in Destiny 2

  • Helium Spirals: The duration of Solar Grenades is lengthened as a result of this effect. Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time.

In order to receive the benefit of this Exotic, you are required to equip Solar Grenades, as is stated in the Exotic’s description. Solar is not to be confused with the elemental type known as Solar. It is imperative that you make use of the circular Solar Grenade rather than the Fusion Grenades or Firebolts.

When to use

Because builds utilizing Well of Radiance and Starfire Protocol are so powerful in end-game activities, Sunbracers and associated builds are most effective in the activities that take place in the middle of the game. The reason for this is that activating Sunbracers requires a charged melee kill, which can be difficult to achieve in situations where all of the enemies around you cannot be killed with a single melee attack unless some preparation has been done beforehand.

How to Get Sunbracers in Destiny 2

Sunbracers are particularly useful in mid-tier Nightfalls, seasonal playlists, and other game modes that have areas with a high number of adds that are ideally suited for crowd control. You can lock down areas and deal significant damage to anything that wanders into them thanks to the Solar Grenades’ extended duration, which ensures that you can lock down areas. This includes stunning Champions.

You should think about using your Solar Grenades to clear out any areas with a high concentration of enemies, such as choke points, enemy spawn doors, and any other location that fits this description. This will help relieve some of the pressure that your allies are under and contribute to the overall success of locking down areas. Because the damage from multiple Solar Grenades does not stack, it is best to use only one of these weapons against a powerful foe such as a Champion.

Get Sunbracers

Farming Legendary or Master Lost Sectors on days when the daily rotation is for a chest piece is the primary way to obtain this Exotic. In addition to that, the Agent of the Nine, Xur, may offer it for sale, or it may drop as a random engram when you defeat enemies, complete Powerful or Pinnacle challenges, or buy it from him.


What does Starfire protocol do?

Provides an additional charge for the fusion grenade. The cooldown for this ability is 0.4 seconds, and it increases the amount of grenade energy gained from empowered weapon hits by 20%. While in a Well of Radiance or an Empowering Rift, the damage done by weapons is increased by a factor called “Empowerment.” Grenade Kills reward you with 100% of your Class Ability Energy.

What is the rarest drop in Destiny 2?

The Quicksilver Storm is one of the rarest weapons in Destiny 2, accounting for 25.95 percent.

To obtain Quicksilver Storm, you do not need to perform any unique feat; rather, all that is required of you is to pre-order Lightfall. Players who purchase the expansion when it launches will almost certainly be able to unlock it at that time, causing it to fall further down the rankings.

What is the most overpowered class in Destiny 2?

Abilities: Well of Radiance is widely considered to be the most powerful Super in the entire game; therefore, using it is an obvious choice. The best choices after the Super are typically Fusion Grenades, Solar Grenades, and Celestial Fire.

What is the easiest Destiny 2 class to play?

Titan is probably the easiest class to play due to the fact that they have a greater chance than any other class to come back from the brink of death (thus eliminating the need for checkpoints), but other than that, you’re good to go with any of them. Let’s have a conversation about the different classes and the reasons you might want to play as a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock.