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How to Get Dragon Patronus in Wizarding World – 4 Steps


how to get dragon patronus in wizarding world

Dragon Patronus is considered one of the most powerful forms a Patronus can take and it has great magical abilities. Getting a Dragon Patronus in the Wizarding World is a challenging but rewarding experience.

Use/Purpose of Dragon Patronus in Wizarding World

A Dragon Patronus is a rare and powerful type of Patronus Charm. It is a defensive spell which can be used to ward off Dementors in the Wizarding World.

This spell requires immense concentration and skill to cast successfully. It is also considered to be one of the most difficult spells to master in the wizarding world. You don’t have to worry here we have solution for you and you will be able to get Dragon patronus in no time.

Here is a guide on the answers how to get Dragon Patronus on the Pottermore quiz.

  1. Patience is key: Remember that getting a Dragon Patronus may take several rounds of leaving and restarting the quiz, so be patient.
  2. Answer sets: You’ll need to answer 7 question sets for a rare Patronus like the Dragon. The answers for each set are:
  • Answer 1: Glow/Blade/Wind/Serve/Dance
  • Answer 2: Improve/Shadow/Salt/Cold/Blood/Rough
  • Answer 3: Escape/Preen/Sense/Earth/Around
  • Answer 4: Sometimes/Why/Free/Alone/Lost/Silent
  • Answer 5: Trust/Grey/Spirit/Impress/Touch
  • Answer 6: Sharp/Deep/Awake/Frost/Ripple/Hunt
  • Answer 7: Legend/Glory/Impossible/Bewitch/Jinx
  1. Two chances for each set: You will get two chances for each set. If the first answer doesn’t give you the desired result, try the second one. If both answers in a set don’t work, leave the questions and let the quiz restart.
  2. Restart the quiz: If you leave the questions two times in a row, the quiz will restart, giving you a new set of questions.

Which patronus is the Rarest one on Pottermore

The Albatross Patronus is a truly unique and uncommon form of the protective spell in the Wizarding World. Only a small number of fans possess this type of Patronus. The Albatross is known for having the largest wingspan of any bird.

Getting a Dragon Patronus requires patience, persistence and the right answers. So, keep trying and you will get dragon patronus at some point in the wizarding world game.