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Destiny 2

How To Get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2


The new items that can be obtained in Destiny 2 require an increased quantity of luck, a particular piece of equipment, the discovery of a particular location in the world, and the elimination of a huge number of enemies in addition to the prerequisites that are already established for the game. In addition to this, the Flash of Inspiration is a brand-new piece of loot, and the goal of this post is to instruct you on how to acquire the Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2 in the simplest and most expedient manner possible. Let’s get started:

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How To Get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2

When you have crafted a significant number of orbs of power, there is a remote chance that you will experience a momentary flash of inspiration. You should make use of the Siphon Helmet so that you can generate a substantial quantity of orbs in order to increase the likelihood that the Flash of Inspiration will fall into your possession.

How To Get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2

If you want to be successful in reaching this objective, you will need to enhance your equipment with the Harmonic Siphon. This will enable you to increase the possibility of obtaining drops by a greater percentage. In the long run, this will just increase the possibility that the orbs will be formed.

When you have completed preparing the goods that are necessary, you will need to go back to the place where you started. You will find the entrance to a tunnel in the mountain right here, and you are going to have to explore the cave all the way to its exit in order to complete the quest.

How To Get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2

Once you have made it to the other side, you will encounter a great number of enemies along the coast. This area is where you will reach once you have completed the crossing. At this point, your objective is to dispatch of as many adversaries as possible while keeping your fingers crossed that one of them will drop the Flash of Inspiration. That is absolutely everything that one has to know with regard to it! We have great hopes that this tutorial was useful to you in figuring out how to get the Fash of Inspiration, and we wish you the best of luck in doing so. Have fun accomplishing this task on your own!


Where to Find Flash of Inspiration?

During the Dawning event in Destiny 2, you will need to generate Orbs of Light in order to obtain the Flash of Inspiration reward. After then, there is a random possibility that it may be dropped, but in order to farm the quantity of resources you require, you will need to conduct some farming and make multiple efforts. As long as you continue to produce Orbs of Light, there is a chance that a Flash of Inspiration will fall into your possession.

You will only need one of these items for each recipe that calls for a Flash of Inspiration, so here’s hoping that lady luck is on your side and it won’t take you too long to collect the ingredients you require!

Why Flash Of Inspiration Destiny 2 Not Dropping?

Players of Destiny 2 travel through the game’s various dungeons and locations, slaying foes along the way in the expectation of acquiring significant RNG drops that will eventually turn out to be high-quality weapons.