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How to Get Forgotten Blue Cartoony Cone and the Purple Hair


How to Get Forgotten Blue Cartoony Cone and the Purple Hair

Limited UGC Items Available Today! How to Get Them


In this article we will share some tips on how you can get forgotten blue cartoony cone and purple hair in Roblox. Today is your lucky day! We’re here to provide you with a heads up on two limited User-Generated Content (UGC) items available for grabs in the gaming universe.

The Forgotten Blue Cartoony Cone and the Purple Hair are the hot commodities that every player is talking about. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to obtain these items and add them to your prized collection.

1. Forgotten Blue Cartoony Cone:

The first coveted UGC item is the Forgotten Blue Cartoony Cone, available in the game “Cone Counters.” To unlock this gem, you’ll need to achieve a score of 100 in a single game. It’s not clear how many of these items are in stock, so act fast and follow these steps to secure yours.

Step 1: Launch the Game Fire up “Cone Counters” and click on the “Let’s Go” button to enter the world of cone collecting and stacking.

Step 2: Master the Game In “Cone Counters,” your objective is simple yet challenging. Trucks will throw cones at you during each round. Catch the cones, but be cautious not to let too many stack up. Accumulate six or more cones, and you risk toppling over and losing a life. Unload excess cones on the left side to maintain your balance.

Step 3: Watch Out for Obstacles As the rounds progress, the game becomes more demanding. Besides cones, expect other objects like sinks to be hurled at you. Avoid catching these obstacles, as they may hinder your cone-catching abilities and cost you a life.

Step 4: Aim for Bonus Points While collecting the blue cartoony cones, keep an eye out for the black and white cones, as they offer bonus points. The black cones seem to be worth more, so don’t miss out on the chance to rack up extra points.

2. Purple Hair:

The second sought-after item is the Purple Hair, obtainable in the game “Find The Limited Items.” This game centers around collecting a total of 100 items scattered throughout the map. Once you complete the collection, you’ll earn the badge and claim the limited UGC item.

Step 1: Enter “Find The Limited Items” Launch the game “Find The Limited Items” and embark on your quest to discover a hundred hidden items scattered across the map.

Step 2: Explore and Collect Roam around the game’s open map and diligently search for the items. As you walk over each item, you’ll be notified of its discovery, and a badge will be awarded upon reaching the magic number, 100.

Wrapping up!

So, if you follow steps given up you can get forgotten blue cartoony cone and purple hair in Roblox.