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How to Order the Hawk to Land in Atomic Heart


In Atomic Heart, players take control of P-3 as he fights his way inside Facility 3826 to stop a robotic revolution. The first several levels of the game consist primarily on shooting enemies while moving down corridors. When players reach the over-world, they will get familiar with a few new gameplay mechanisms. The Hawk surveillance balloons are one example of this. These balloons serve as the facility’s primary security hub, allowing them to monitor and protect a wide range of regions. Following arrival at Lesnaya Station via train, the next objective for players is to proceed into the Exhibition Park. In order to accomplish this, P-3 must make use of the neighbouring Volan Tower and Hawk. This article will explain you how to order the hawk to land in atomic heart. So let’s get started:

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How to Order the Hawk to Land in Atomic Heart

This might be thought of as a guide or tutorial that explains how to handle the issue of safety in the open-world areas of Atomic Heart. Follow this guide to order the Hawk to land on the ground.

Exhibition Park

The mission will direct P-3 to the gate across from the train station. Coming near to it will show the gate is locked. P-3 will be instructed by Charles to locate the Hawk Terminal in the area.

Locked Terminal

Go west from the gate to discover the locked terminal building at the Boat Station. Watch out for the tough Black Jumpsuit VOV-A6 and the camera guarding the area. Nonetheless, the mission marking will remain on the entrance to the sealed Atomic Heart even though the goal would advise players to “Command the Hawk to Land.” This may leave players unclear about how to proceed.

Activate the Volan

One of the Volan towers can be found to the north-northeast of the secured terminal. Using Atomic Heart’s scanner will show that the tower and locked terminal are linked. Gamers can cross the shallow water to get there and ascend the tower. Another Black Jumpsuit guard is patrolling near the tower’s base, but may be easily ignored. Use the terminal at the top of the elevator to access the security cameras.

Unlock the Terminal

Select the suitable camera to take control of. This will be the camera at the Boat Station, which should be restored by the time the player arrives. Point it towards the locked door and press R1/RB to open the doors.

Order the Hawk to Land

With the doors opened, the player can return and use the terminal. Press on Hawk Maintenance, and the balloon will fall to the centre of the lake. You’ll need to swim a little distance to reach the pipe that’s buried beneath the balloon.

Zipline Towards the Park

After holding on, the Hawk will rise into the sky over the lake. There will be multiple ziplines that descend all the way to the ground. Just riding the zipline behind P-3 can be accomplished by pressing R1/RB once you have rotated the camera through 90 degrees. This will land players in Exhibition Park.


Is Atomic Heart worth it?

There’s no secret to what kind of games influenced Atomic Heart. You’ll sense the impact of BioShock and Fallout in everything from the landscape and narrative to the upgrades and fighting in Fallout and vice versa. It doesn’t accomplish everything perfectly, but it does enough to keep things interesting and give you a sense of satisfaction.

What is the code lock in the hospital in Atomic Heart?

The secret phrase for it is “middle, button, left, upper-right.” To gain access to the hidden storage area, you will need to press these light buttons on the pad. The solution to the riddle will decipher the code. Find the solution by following the handprints down to the basement and entering the damaged medical ward there.

How many hours of gameplay is Atomic Heart?

Reviews indicate that the main storyline of Atomic Heart may be completed in about 15 hours by the typical player, and this does not include time spent on side missions or other diversions.

Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart was first made available to the public on February 21st, 2023. Mundfish Studios was the studio responsible for its development. In spite of the fact that it isn’t technically a horror game, it has a lot of gory scenes, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to review it and let you know whether or not I think it’s worth your time.

Will Atomic Heart have DLC?

According to Atomic Heart’s developers, Mundfish, there will be a total of four downloadable content packs. Through the baffling haze of its trailers, Atomic Heart exploded onto the global stage in 2018, bringing with it a ferocity of superscience and hyperviolence.