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How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us


Want to know how to get your hands on one of The Last of Us’ Halloween costumes? In the course of playing Among Us, you may have noticed other players dashing around in eerie Halloween costumes or merry Christmas-themed hats, and you may have wished you could have them as well. Especially if you’re a malicious, malicious impostor.

Pumpkins, witch hats, wolf ears, candy canes, Santa hats, a Jason mask, and even a hat that appears like a machete is lodged in your skull are among the various headgear available for purchase. These festive hats are temporary cosmetics that debut in Among Us throughout the Halloween and Christmas seasons, and then disappear.

But even if you missed out on those festivities, you don’t have to wait for them to come around again in order to get your hands on those adorable hats. You may begin unlocking the seasonal cosmetics in Among Us right away! And it’s a cinch to do.

How to get Halloween Hats – Among Us

Players in Among Us will appreciate the addition of Halloween headgear to their collection of personalization options. You can’t go wrong with these creepy and eerie headgear for your tiny spaceman. Unlocking these headgear is a bit more difficult if you’re playing outside of the eerie October holiday. Even whether you’re using a computer or mobile device, Halloween Hats can be purchased easily.

How to unlock Halloween Hats

Halloween Hats in Among Us can be obtained by participating in a game or entering a lobby on October 31st, which is the day of the holiday. Anyone planning on playing around that time will find the headgear already added to their inventory in-game. Although there is a way to obtain the hats early (or late, depending on your point of view) whether you’re playing before or after Halloween, changing the date and time on your system is all that’s required.

To alter the date and time on your computer or mobile device in order to unlock the Halloween Hats in Among Us, follow these steps: