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How To Set Timer On IPhone Camera


We’ve all been there: you’re with a group of pals at a particular venue or event, and there’s nobody around to take a picture of you two. Fortunately, Apple has introduced a simple function on the iPhone that addresses this issue.

Self-timer mode on your iPhone camera allows you to capture images without having to physically press the shutter button on the camera itself. You may choose between a long or short countdown timer, and your camera will take a burst of 10 images to ensure that you get the perfect shot every time. This article shows you how to set the time on your iPhone camera and includes instructions for iOS 14.5 and earlier.

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Here’s how you go about it.

Do iPhone Cameras Have A Timer?

Answer: Yes, there is a timer on the iPhone camera. The long and short of it is In the Photo and Portrait modes, you’ll find it in the settings for each mode.

How To Set The Timer On Your IPhone Camera

1.Open the Camera app from the home screen of your iPhone after it has been unlocked.

2. Place your iPhone in the location in which you want the photo to be taken and press the shutter button.

3.The clock symbol at the top of the screen should be activated once your phone has been properly positioned.

4. Next, select a countdown for the timer. You have two options: three or 10 seconds.

5. To begin the self-timer, press the shutter button once. If you want to stop the timer at any point during the process, simply press the stop button.

6. After you’ve snapped your shot, go to the Photos app on your phone. Choose the shot that was taken with the self-timer. Select from a selection of ten different burst photographs captured with the self-timer in this section of your photo gallery. Click on Done in the upper right-hand corner once you have browsed through the photographs and selected the ones you like the best.

That’s how by follow these steps you can set the timer on the iPhone camera.

Does iPhone 11 Have A Camera Timer?

Even if you have not yet updated the software on your device, the iPhone 11 comes equipped with a camera timer for taking pictures. To set the camera timer, follow the steps outlined above. The timer hold increments (3 or 10 seconds) should remain the same as before.

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How do I set the camera timer on an iPhone 5?

While Apple did not offer this model with a built-in camera timer, iOS 8 added this capability to the native camera app on iPhones that were compatible with the update. If you have upgraded your iPhone 5 to at least iOS 8, you can proceed with the instructions outlined above.

How can I set the camera timer on iPhone 4?

A self-timer option is not included in the camera app on the iPhone 4, which is a disappointment to many users. In some cases, a compatible third-party timer app from the App Store that supports the iPhone 4 operating system may be available for download.