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How To Beat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring


Godrick the Grafted is the demi-god lord of Stormveil Castle, a demi-god relative of Queen Marika, and most likely the first Great Rune bearer you will meet in Elden Ring. Godrick is also the name of one of Queen Marika’s children. Some players believe that because Godrick the Grafted is such a challenging opponent, it serves as a reminder to other players that they don’t have to take on every boss in Elden Ring at once. This is especially true for players who are new to games developed by FromSoftware.

Godrick the Grafted possesses two phases, however his second phase is more of a refinement of his first phase’s moveset as opposed to a completely separate moveset altogether. Both melee and ranged players have a wide variety of choices at their disposal when it comes to tactics for taking down Godrick in Elden Ring. In spite of the hideous and terrifying visage he gives off, Godrick is not an overly frightening adversary if you know what you’re doing. This is how you can win against Godrick. The Elden ring with the graft in it

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How To Beat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring

Where To Find Godrick The Grafted

How To Beat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring

The Stormveil Castle Legacy Dungeon contains one last boss, and his name is Godrick the Grafted. The Castle may be seen dominating the landscape of Limgrave from practically any vantage point due to its location in the Stormhill sub-area, which is located in the far northwest corner of Limgrave. After you have vanquished Margit the Fell, you will make your way to the entrance of Stormveil Castle, where you will find a gatekeeper who will provide you with information regarding a secret passage.

If you decide not to use the secret path, you will arrive to Godrick considerably more quickly; but, you will be forced to contend with (or sneak past) a veritable army of soldiers and innumerable ballistae as you make your way there. The players can easily sprint to the Godrick Boss Room if they enter the Castle from the main gate. This room is located at the most northern point of the Castle. If you decide to take the side road, go forward until you reach a room that is stuffed with Warrior Pots and has a broken ledge that leads downhill.

Godrick’s Moveset, Weaknesses, And Phases

How To Beat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring

Godrick the Grafted is a challenging boss, but his moveset is more understandable than that of Margit the Fell, who is notorious in the Elden Ring community for her seemingly arbitrary attack patterns. Godrick the Grafted’s moveset is more straightforward. Having said that, however, Godrick does have a couple moves up his sleeve that can eliminate a player if they aren’t careful with their movement and dodging.

In the first part of his transformation, he swings his enormous axe; in the second phase, he amputates his own arm and attaches the head of a dragon to the stump where his arm used to be. His first phase is over somewhat quickly, when he has roughly two thirds of his health bar left, and his second phase, in which he has increased speed and strength, makes the combat far more difficult.

Godrick’s Moveset – Phase One

  • Godrick creates a massive wind tunnel around himself after swinging his axe in a circle, resulting in an area of effect wind attack with a short range. Extremely damaging.
  • Long-Range Gusts of Wind Godrick will often use this ability after his Wind area-of-effect strike. He will fire two gusts of wind at the player at the same time. Low damage, but it can occasionally catch you off guard.
  • Godrick’s Cleaving Lunge Attack requires him to charge for a second before he lunges at the player. Depending on the situation, he may even follow up with a second blow. Extremely high rate of damage.
  • Attack with a Jumping Axe Godrick launches himself into the air, swings his axe, and then lands back on the ground. Extremely high damage, having the potential to one-shot players with low Vitality.
  • Combination Attack with the Smashing Axe Godrick repeatedly strikes the ground with his axe, driving it into the earth beneath his feet. Damage that is manageable, and is also simple to sidestep.
  • Regular Axe Swings Godrick attacks the player by simply swinging his axe in their direction; however, similar to Margit, the player is hit a split second later than intended. Medium damage.

Godrick’s Moveset – Phase Two Additions

  • Godrick lifts his Dragon-grafted arm in front of him and sprays fire across the battlefield as he walks forward to cover more ground with his area-of-effect ability, Walking Fire Breath. Massive area of effect and heavy damage.
  • Short-Range and Long-Range Fire Wind Attacks Godrick’s wind AoE and gusts of wind are imbued with flame, enhancing the damage of both short-range and long-range wind attacks. Godrick’s wind AoE can only be used once per battle.
  • Godrick will slam his axe into the ground in the same manner as previously, but he will end the three-hit combination with a massive area-of-effect smash. Extremely high rate of damage.

Godrick’s Weaknesses

Although Godrick the Grafted has a fair amount of resistance to the majority of different assaults, the amount of damage that he suffers remains the same from phase one to phase two. Bleed damage, which is normally best used on rapid weapons to build up the hidden Bleed metre much more quickly, deals a disproportionate amount of damage to him and is one of his main weaknesses. This already drawn-out battle can be made even more difficult by poisoning him, as he is vulnerable to the corrosive effects of that type of attack.

It would appear that Godrick is immune to fire damage in phase two; hence, if you plan to rely largely on Incantations, Fire Sling and Catch Flame will not be as effective against him (though the difference is only slight).

Strategies For Beating Godrick

How To Beat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring

Godrick is the first major story boss that most players will face (apart from Margit), and as such, defeating him is designed to be more difficult than defeating previous bosses in the game. This might make Godrick’s defeat seem like an insurmountable task at first. If you’re having trouble defeating him, you can call on the assistance of other players with a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, just like you can do with the majority of the bosses in Elden Ring.

Even while playing alone, using Spirit Summons can get you a long way. The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes are the most effective Spirit Ashes for use on Godrick at this stage of the Elden Ring adventure. It is possible to improve this Spirit Summon multiple times with Roderika if you finish her questline before engaging Godrick, and the combination of its high health pool and skills based on poison make it a very handy ally indeed. In addition to that, the cost in FP is relatively low.


Godrick will appear to be a more manageable boss for ranged players who primarily use sorceries or incantations than he will for melee players due to the fact that his long-range attacks are extremely easily telegraphed and can be easily avoided from a safe distance. Sorceries are the easiest to use in combat out of the three different ranged techniques. Players who use bows will have the most difficulty in this area, particularly in the beginning of the game when there are very few craftable arrows available.

During the first phase, you should work to keep your distance from him and launch as many ranged attacks as you can before he gets close enough for a melee. His powerful strikes are gradual, and some of them even give you enough time in between combinations to cast a spell or shoot an arrow. During the second part of the battle, you should position yourself behind Godrick so that you are protected from his Fire Breath assault while he advances forward.

Melee Strategies

When battling Godrick with a melee weapon, the most effective tactics are to either quickly shatter his posture in phase one or do damage that causes bleeding. When you get the opportunity to strike, use a Jumping Attack, and make sure that your Stamina metre is as full as it can be so that you can block his quick assaults and counter with a Guard Counter. In most cases, it is preferable to sidestep slow but powerful attacks while blocking quick ones.

During the first phase, you should wait for Godrick to lift his axe, which will indicate the beginning of his close-range Wind area-of-effect attack, and then retreat. Although keeping behind Godrick is the most effective approach to dodge his melee strikes, he can occasionally roll away and make distance in order to lunge at you or use his Gust of Wind attack, thus it is important to be aware of this tactic. During phase two, maintain a position in front of Godrick as he prepares to breathe fire everywhere, and only at the very last second should you move behind him. He will keep walking forward for a few more seconds, providing you critical time to launch Jumping Attacks or Strong Attacks. He will continue to walk forward.