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How To Turn Off Quick Chat In Among Us


Last year’s film, Among Us, was considered one of the year’s dark horses. Because of its unusual idea, the game gained a lot of traction among streamers and video makers, alongside games like Fall Guys and Phasmophobia, among other things. While fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the new map for the game by InnerSloth, a quite unusual feature has been introduced to the game to keep them entertained. Quick chat has been added to the game as a result of a recent update, and here’s all you need to know about it.

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We’ll teach you how to complete this assignment on the PC version of the game in this fast tutorial. Let’s get started!

How To Turn Off Quick Chat In Among Us

If you are over the age of thirteen, you will not be able to use the Quick Chat feature.

Once you’ve decided on your age, you won’t be able to just modify it. Fortunately, there is a way out of this predicament.

Step 1: Change your age

To begin, you’ll need to make some changes to the information stored in a file that contains your age. What you’ll have to do is the following:

  • Look for the folder ‘C:Users(your-username-folder)AppDataLocalLowInnerslothAmong Us’ in the ‘C:Users(your-username-folder)’ directory. in the Windows Explorer window
  • Locate the ‘App Data’ folder in your Hidden Files settings by selecting Show Hidden Files from the File menu.
  • Open the file ‘playerPrefs’ in NotePad to see what it contains.
  • There is a string of variables that contains the month, day, and year of your birth as well as other information.
  • Change this to make it look as though you are older than 13 years of age.

Step 2: Open Among Us

The preceding step is only required if you have set your age to be less than thirteen years old. It’s now time to launch Among Us on your computer’s desktop.

If this is your first time playing the game, be sure that your birth date is more than 13 years old to avoid being penalized.

Step 3: Open the Settings

To access the settings, choose the gear symbol on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Select Quick Chat

Open the Data tab and choose ‘Chat Type’ from the drop-down menu. Free or Quick Chat will be accessible, but when you try to select ‘Quick Chat,’ you’ll see that it’s not available at this time.

Step 5: Play Among Us with Quick Chat disabled

You can now freely roam the streets as a crewmate or impostor because the Quick Chat feature has been removed.

What Is Quick Chat In Among Us?

If you’ve been playing games for a long, you’re probably familiar with the fast chat function. The feature, in its most basic form, allows players to communicate with one another through the use of pre-defined messages. The fact that it allows players to send messages fast without having to type them out entirely makes it quite handy. Questions, places, allegations, and other pertinent options are among the possibilities available to you.

Silence Among Crewmates

While there will still be conversations accessible, the Quick Chats option will be turned off at the very least for the time being. While going about, doing jobs or murdering crewmates, you can discover new methods to play the game and have a good time.



Why is my Among Us quick chat only?

The majority of Among Us players that are unable to type in conversation did so by inadvertently lowering their age to something lower than 18. Free Chat is only open to people who are 18 years old or older, therefore if you are unable to communicate, you will need to update your age. If that’s not an option, you may spend some time becoming acquainted with the game’s Quick Chat tool.

How do I use quick chat in Among Us?

The Quickchat wheel in Among Us can only be used by players who have just updated their game and have entered a lobby. After then, they can proceed with the match as usual. Opening the chat box and clicking the symbol that looks like a gauge with four parts adjacent to the Send arrow button will alert the team that a corpse has been discovered or that an Emergency Meeting has been called.