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How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2


The Zombie Parts system in Dead Island 2 is a particularly gruesome gameplay element that features a number of extremely intriguing ideas. The ability to use various mutations found in various zombies to generate unique Autophage Perks and Skills for weapons will become available to players after they have progressed to a predetermined point in the game. In order for them to accomplish this, they will need to amass a wide variety of anatomical nightmares, including but not limited to Electrified Brains, Mutated Hearts, Oversized Arm Bones, and even Infected Flesh. Infected Flesh is another valuable commodity; if you are able to dump ten of them into Francesca’s bucket, you will get up to one thousand experience points. In Dead Island 2, obtaining infected flesh is going to be explained in detail in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2

There are two ways to acquire this item; the first is through the slaughter of particular varieties of zombies, and the second is through the investigation of medical facilities. The following list contains two zombies that have a high chance of dropping infected flesh. All that is required of you at this point is to track down and eliminate the zombies listed below. Collect contaminated flesh from their remains after they have been scanned. at Dead Island 2, sick flesh is located at Medical Centers. This is the only area where it may be found.

How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2

  • Hydration Walkers
  • Walkers with Riot Gear

You can also examine Shocking Walkers, Grenadier Walkers, Burning Walkers, and Bursters to obtain Infected Flesh. These are the only two types of walkers that are specifically mentioned. The objective of the quest that Francesca gives you is to acquire some Infected Flesh. She will want that you bring her ten different bits of infected flesh as a gift. Due to the extremely low drop rate of Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2, this process could take a significant amount of time. Because of this, you need to activate this quest, and then proceed to play the game as you normally would. This will allow you to continue making progress through the game while also gaining access to this item at the same time.

How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2

Infected Flesh may be acquired through defeating the vast majority of the game’s zombies, although it can also be discovered in a select few obscure locations. More specifically, the locations of the several medical centers where experiments on zombies were being carried out. Be on the lookout for places that appear to have a great deal of scientific and medical equipment strewn around in an unorganized manner. Infected Flesh can be found in this area without the need to kill any zombies.

How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2


What causes the outbreak in Dead Island 2?

Kuru is a neurological condition that is exclusive to the territory of Papua New Guinea. It is thought to be the culprit behind the zombie apocalypse that has befallen Dead Island because it has spread so rapidly among the native tribes. In order to work on a cure for this sickness, Doctor Robert West requires access to a strain that has not undergone mutation.

How do you unlock Francesca in Dead Island 2?

You are free to visit the huge red mansion in Beverly Hills whenever you like, but you won’t be able to talk to Francesca in her garage until you have finished The Giant-Slayer Story Quest. Your pal Patton is the one who enlightens you on autophagy skills as well as zombie body parts at this point.

What is the pathogen HK in Dead Island 2?

The biological agent that was responsible for the zombie outbreak on Banoi Island was identified as pathogen HK, which is a more potent and faster-acting version of the endemic disease Kuru. The members of the Consortium detected strains of Stage 2 HIV and Stage 2 Kuru within the virus, which led to the naming of the pathogen as Pathogen HK.

Are you immune in Dead Island?

Within the Dead Island series, there are some characters who are immune to the zombie virus and others who are infected. There are some characters in the story that have a natural resistance to the virus and are able to withstand the bites of infected individuals without becoming infected themselves.

Who is the main villain in Dead Island 2?

The primary enemy of Dead Island Riptide is a man named Frank Serpo. In a later chapter, it is disclosed that he played a significant role in the outbreak that occurred on Palanai Island. Jon Curry, who also provided the voice of Badger in Telltale: The Walking Dead and Viktor Novikov in Hitman (2016), provided his performance as the character.

Is the rest of the world infected in Dead Island 2?

Autophagy and the Treatment of the Disease

The plot of Dead Island 2 reveals that every individual on the globe is already infected with the Autophage, a kind of time bomb that is embedded into humanity’s DNA and will eventually transform the majority of humans into the undead.