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How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart


Atomic Heart is set in an alternate history in which Russia has progressed into a utopian nation centred on science and the potential of humans. This history is reflected in the film’s retro-Soviet backdrop. The events of Atomic Heart take place in a location referred to as Facility 3826. This location is a vast countryside that is suspended in the skies by copters. Hidden in plain sight over the entirety of the complex are a total of eight top-secret Training Grounds. These Training Grounds are scattered across the facility and may be found dotting the rolling hills of grassy terrain. Before everything went to hell in Facility 3826, the Training Grounds were comprised of a series of interconnected puzzles, each of which served a specific function in some kind. Because it is one of the few that are opened in a manner that is different from the others, Testing Ground 11 is an intriguing one. In atomic heart, the following is the procedure for entering the testing ground 11: So let’s get started:

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How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

Crafting recipes for the following items may be found in Training Ground 11:

Copper: Expanding Converting Kalash

Silver: The MP–Thermal Scope is made of silver.


  • This is the Fat Boy–Guidance System.
  • KS-23, also known as Collectors Stock

The door that leads into Testing Ground 11 is secured by a lock that can only be opened with a Key Disk. This Key Disk can be found in a compound that is well fortified to the north-west. Before going inside, it is recommended that you call the HAWK that is located nearby. Once they are prepared, players have the option of entering the property by leaping from the top of a wrecked train that is located close to the south side of the barricades.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

After inside, players should make their way into the house that is most immediately adjacent to the southern entrance. It can be seen in the screenshot that was just uploaded, directly in front of the spot where P-3 will land after making the jump. In order to enter, Charles will need to pick the lock on the door. Inside is where you’ll find a lab tech robot dressed in black. Remove it and retrieve the Key Disk from the chest that is located in the middle of the ground. To get access to the facility, you will need to bring that key with you to the entrance to Testing Ground 11 and unlock the door.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

Testing Ground 11 Walkthrough

Agent P-3 emerges from the elevator into a spacious room that has a few doorways leading off of it. The door on the right leads to loot, the door on the left leads to a break room with save and upgrade machines, and the door in the far corner leads to a third door. After taking some time to collect the loot, proceed through the door on the left to reach a room that contains a huge space containing four different coloured spinners and a red wheel. These are, in order, blue, yellow, green, and red, starting with the one that is closest to P-3 and moving clockwise. The wheel gives each of the spinners a quarter revolution as it is spun. There are also two additional wheels, one of which is located close to the blue spinner and the other of which is located on a face of the yellow spinner.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

Position the wheel so that it is on the 3 position before beginning. A door that was previously closed may now be seen open on the face of the blue spinner that is nearest to you. Ascend higher and make your way to the next wheel by jumping.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

The yellow spinner is controlled by this wheel here. If it is not already set to the number one position, you should do it now. The wheel that belongs to the yellow spinner needs to be positioned such that it is next to the green spinner on the floor. To reach the yellow spinner, first descend onto the opposite side of the blue spinner, then land on the long track of magnets that extends through the fence in the direction of the yellow spinner. After you and Shok have switched the polarity of the magnets on the ceiling, move across to the other side and leap onto the yellow spinning. After that, descend until you are on the ground level beneath the spinner.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

After passing through the door on the opposite side of the spinner, you will need to look to your left to locate the lift. Get on top of it. To climb back up to the top of the yellow spinner, you will need to flip the polarity of the magnets on the ceiling once more.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

Adjust the wheel on the yellow spinner so that it is set to the number one position. The next step is to descend to the ground level once more. As you reach the green spinner, jump over the boxes on the right side of it, and then turn left to discover a lift that will take you back up to the surface.

How to Get Into the Testing Ground 11 in Atomic Heart

To bring down the other lift that is located next to the green spinner, you will need to switch the polarity of the ceiling magnets. To lift it into position, you will need to reverse the magnets once more. The next step is to hop on the green spinner, cross to the platform, and then hop through the gap in the fence to land on the red spinner. If you turn your head to the left, you will see a lift that has some climbing bars on it. These are not required, however having them will assist players in climbing back up if they were to fall.

Instead, bring the lift down, hop on it, and then raise it back up to its original position in order to make the jump over to the entrance in the red spinner. After that, make your way to the entrance on the left by jumping on the platform there. When you make your way through the passageways, make sure to stop at the door on the right just before you reach the stairs so that you can grab the Copper Lootyagin. After that, descend the stairs and search the chamber on the right for any valuables you can find.


How to get into Polygon 8 Atomic Heart?

The stairwell and elevator that lead to Polygon 8 are located on the interior of the building. After entering via the main door (located on the southeast side), locate the elevator on your right.

How to get into Testing Ground 9 Atomic Heart?

In the village that is located to the southwest of the Kollectiv Complex is where you will find the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 9. There is a little cabin adjacent to the statue that contains the elevator, but in order to use it, you will need to first unlock the door.

How many testing grounds are there in atomic heart?

There are a total of eight different testing grounds.

How long was Atomic heart developed?

a period of five years
The release date for Atomic Heart has been announced for February 21st, 2023. The production of the video game started in the year 2018, which means that the Russian studio Mundfish has spent the better part of the last five years working on their very first project.

What difficulty is Atomic Heart?

When you start up Atomic Heart for the first time, you will see that there are three different difficulty settings for you to select from. Atomic Heart’s game modes range in difficulty, with Peaceful Atom being the lowest, Local Failure being the medium mode, and Armageddon being the hardest.

Is Atomic Heart open-world?

Atomic Heart is, in fact, an open-world video game.

Atomic Heart is an innovative new first-person shooter that takes inspiration from Bioshock and Half-Life. However, there has been significant debate regarding the open world nature of Mundfish’s debut title. The following is a simple walkthrough that will walk you through how the open world in Atomic Heart functions.