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How to Prevent Enemies from Respawning in Atomic Heart


Atomic Heart is Mundfish’s first attempt at developing a video game, and it is a first-person shooter. The first few levels of the game are relatively easy and take place entirely within corridors. When the players finally make it to the open-world portions of Atomic Heart, they will have to deal with Hawk Security Systems. P-3 faces a persistent danger from these robot security systems as he moves throughout the various test labs and buildings of the facility. These systems protect the facility from potential threats. It only takes a few enemies on patrol and a camera to turn an otherwise routine journey between missions into a terrifying ordeal. It is possible for enemies to respawn thanks to the repairs and reinforcements provided by drones. This article will explain to you how to stop enemies from respawning in atomic heart so that you can continue playing. So let’s get started:

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How to Prevent Enemies from Respawning in Atomic Heart


The “dandelions” are actually cameras that have been strategically positioned all throughout the facility grounds. The level one alarm will sound if they find P-3 and it will trigger immediately. This will cause adversaries in the area to become aware of the player’s whereabouts. The level two alert will go out if a camera sees a robot being destroyed while it is being monitored by the camera. This will summon reinforcements from any crates or doors that have been strategically placed throughout the map.

How to Prevent Enemies from Respawning in Atomic Heart

Getting away from a camera and concealing will enable you to silence the alarm in the end. It is in your best interest to stay as far away from cameras as possible, unless doing so is absolutely required. If it is impossible to avoid cameras, one has the option of using the Shok ability or one of the other weapons to disable them. After then, players are free to engage in combat with any robots that may be present in the area without setting off the alarm. Keep in mind that drones can do maintenance and repairs on cameras. If you are engaged in action near a dandelion, be sure to keep an eye on them and eliminate any oncoming aerial drones.


Pchela are the repair drones that were described earlier and are blue in hue. These annoying flying adversaries have the ability to fix cameras and other robots. In most cases, they will show up alongside the red or yellow variants that attempt to harm the player. They can be easily brought down using the Shok ability or weak firearms, which will prevent any repairs from being made.

How to Prevent Enemies from Respawning in Atomic Heart

Pchela can be resurrected from the domes that have been strategically placed all throughout the overworld. Disabling cameras and taking down repair drones is the most effective strategy for stopping adversaries from respawning after being killed. This will enable the player to quickly clear an area of all foes and objectives before escaping before repairs can be done.


The hawks are the most important aspect of the protection systems. These are camera-equipped balloons that float in the air and watch over enormous areas. If you disable them, the security in the Hawk’s zone will be compromised for a significant amount of time. Players will need to enter a Volan Tower in the area in order to disable Hawks.

How to Prevent Enemies from Respawning in Atomic Heart

Using the scanner will result in the discovery of relay wires that go to a tower. To access the Hawk terminals, players have to work their way up the tower. The P-3 then has the ability to overload and disable the Hawk by using the console. Regrettably, the overload option could not be accessible until after certain sidequests have been completed. Because Atomic Heart is an open-world game, it is possible for players to accomplish things out of order, which may result in this happening by accident. It is recommended that players who are not completionists do their best to effectively manage Pchela and Dandelions in order to stop enemy respawns.


What difficulty is Atomic Heart?

When you start up Atomic Heart for the first time, you will see that there are three different difficulty settings for you to select from. Atomic Heart’s game modes range in difficulty, with Peaceful Atom being the lowest, Local Failure being the medium mode, and Armageddon being the hardest.

Is there romance in Atomic Heart?

In Atomic Heart, players are unable to develop romantic feelings for the ballerina twins.

Some members of the Atomic Heart community had high hopes for a romantic subplot involving the Robot Twins because they were a huge topic of interest for a lot of people in the community. But, the game will not have any romantic possibilities for any of the characters in any way, shape, or form.

How long is the Atomic Heart?

approximately 15 hours
The duration of time required to complete Atomic Heart, when centred on its primary goals, is around 15 hours. If you are the type of gamer that wants to experience everything the game has to offer, you should plan to devote approximately 33 hours to get 100% game completion.

Is Atomic Heart a real game?

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter that was created by Mundfish and distributed by 4Divinity and Focus Entertainment. On February 21, 2023, the game was made available for the Microsoft Windows platform, as well as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. During its initial release, the game was met with mostly favourable critical reception.

Is Atomic Heart scary?

Atomic Heart is more comparable to games like Doom or Bioshock than it is to horror games because it never truly leans into a horror environment. There are some robots that, while not all of them are terrifying, have a certain quality about them that gives you the creeps.