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How to Get Lollipops in Animal Crossing


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event is currently underway, providing players of Nintendo’s popular life simulation game with the opportunity to participate in Halloween-themed activities alongside the residents of Animal Crossing. Fans have until midnight local time to acquire all of the Halloween-themed gifts that were available during the Animal Crossing: New Horizons event, which ended at that time. On the other hand, in order for players to acquire the best Halloween stuff in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they will need to gather lollipops and present them to Jack the Halloween Czar.

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How to Get Lollipops in Animal Crossing

For the most part, in order for players to obtain lollipops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they need to give sweets to their villagers whenever they hear them saying “trick or treat.” The villagers will hand out lollipops to players on sometimes, while on other occasions, they will hand over an other kind of Halloween-themed prize. The moment a player obtains a lollipop, they should make their way to Jack so that they can exchange it for a more desirable prize.

How to Get Lollipops in Animal Crossing

The challenge is in gathering sufficient sweets to hand out to the locals, particularly given the fact that the peasants will not always hand out lollipops. Unfortunately, getting enough sugar to obtain all of the things with a Halloween theme is going to be difficult unless one has been actively purchasing candy from Nook’s Cranny every single day over the course of the past month. The only players who are going to get the most out of the event are the ones that come adequately prepared. Players who chat to villagers who are inside their homes rather than roaming the island will occasionally result in the player receiving some candy that they can distribute to other people.

How to Get Lollipops in Animal Crossing

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons who didn’t adequately prepare for the Halloween event and are now in danger of losing access to certain Halloween items shouldn’t worry too much about it. The Thanksgiving and Christmas events for Animal Crossing: New Horizons are going to go live in the near future, and you can be certain that each one will have its own unique set of challenges and rewards.


Can you keep Lollipops ACNH?

If you wish to obtain multiples of these products, you will need to keep feeding Jack Lollipops. When you’ve finished all of them, you can gift the villagers lollipops instead of completing the challenges for them.

What happens if you give a villager a Lollipop?

If you offer Jack a lollipop, he’ll repay you with an incredible carriage that seems like it was taken straight out of Cinderella. Another Lollipop, and he’ll share the secret formula with you so you may make your own. The formula for the ghostly wand can be obtained by using a third lollipop.

What happens if you don’t give villagers candy?

The player’s attire, accessories, and any other goods they have in their pockets will be changed if they refuse to provide candy. This includes any items the player has in their pockets. The villagers will pursue the player, but Jack won’t, therefore he can be easily distinguished from the other villagers.

What items will Jack give you ACNH?

If you offer Jack candy, including lollipops, he will give you a range of rewards, including new DIY recipes for the Spooky furniture set. Jack is a big fan of candy, and if you give it to him, he will reward you in a variety of ways. Your villagers will also be going door to door asking for candy, and if you offer it to them, they will give it back to you in the form of additional goodies.