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How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV


YouTube TV has more than 5 million subscribers, making it the most popular live-streaming service in the United States, according to the most current tally. If you intend to acquire NFL Sunday Ticket in this manner, you would not be the only person doing so by any means. In addition, the procedure is not overly complicated. You will be able to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV by following the steps outlined in this piece of writing. So let’s get started:

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How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

Note: It is important to keep in mind that employing this strategy will not necessarily result in a contract being  automatically renewed at the conclusion of the season.

1. Utilize the web browser of your choosing to access the portion of YouTube TV devoted to configuring various options. You can get there by navigating to the upper right corner of YouTube TV, clicking on the icon that corresponds to your account, and then selecting Settings from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the icon.

How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

2. Look for “NFL Sunday Ticket” or “NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone” within the “Membership” section of the website. The latter choice will also give you access to a program called “NFL RedZone,” which is akin to a “whiparound show” and gives you information regarding all of the possible scoring opportunities as they arise.

3. Simply click the “Add” button to include NFL Sunday Ticket in your package. You will be needed to go through one more screen of information, which will be your last chance to change your mind if you so desire. If you do not wish to do so, you must comply with this requirement.

4. Should everything is in working order, you can proceed to click the Buy button.

How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV


Can I buy NFL Sunday Ticket without directv?

Signing up for YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime Channels will allow you to watch NFL Sunday Ticket even if you do not have DIRECTV in your home. After the conclusion of the NFL season in 2022, NFL Sunday Ticket was moved from DIRECTV to YouTube. At a minimum until 2030, the out-of-market package will continue to be available on YouTube.

Can I get Sunday Ticket streaming only?

Through their website, you are able to get NFL Sunday Ticket even if you do not have YouTube TV. Your subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket is $449 for the season, and your subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket plus the NFL RedZone Channel costs $489. You may save $100 by placing your order right now and taking advantage of the pre-sale discount.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket streaming only?

Get a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket as a stand-alone product.

Outside of YouTube TV, the only method to acquire a subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket is through Primetime Channels. The Primetime Channels hub can be found on YouTube and serves as a marketplace where a variety of products, including TV episodes, movies, and standalone streaming subscriptions, can be purchased.

Is Sunday Ticket free on YouTube TV?

No. You are not required to subscribe to any other YouTube Primetime Channels in order to acquire NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone service through YouTube Primetime Channels. Will I still have access to NFL RedZone if I do not purchase NFL Sunday Ticket? Yes, if you have the YouTube TV Base Plan, you will be able to gain access to NFL RedZone on YouTube TV after making a one-time payment for the Sports Plus add-on.

How much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost?

People who do not currently have a subscription to YouTube TV will still be able to subscribe to Sunday Ticket, but the price of the subscription will be higher. The following is a rundown of the pricing structure for non-subscribers: If you purchase before June 6th, the price each season is $349. If you make your purchase after June 6th, the price per season is $449.