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How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite


The futures of Fortnite and Rocket League are interwoven and cannot be separated. One is the most popular battle royale game in the world, while the other is a racing video game that features autos, so there aren’t very many commonalities between the two. Since then, the game’s creator has been experimenting with different methods of integrating the two titles. It’s created a plethora of new cooperative scenarios and issue sets, all of which have their advantages in the other game. This guide will show you how to get an octane spawner, a weapon from Rocket League, and use it in Fortnite.

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How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite

1. Enter Creative mode:

Because the Octane Spawner is only playable in the Creative mode of Fortnite, you will need to load up a fresh custom map in order to get it. Start the battle after switching the game mode from Battle Royale to Creative. This will allow you to accomplish your goal.

How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite

You have the option of either entering a world that you have already created or making a brand new world from scratch. It makes no difference which one you pick; all that matters is whether or not you want the Rocket League Car to appear on a map that you have previously designed and developed.

2. Find the device

The next thing that you need to do is open the inventory. There ought to be some kind of indication on the side of the screen as to which button it is.

How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite

Once you are there, select the “Devices” tab from the menu. This is the version of Fortnite Creative that includes spawners, rocket boost, and the other great features that the game has to offer. On this page, the Octane Spawner should be placed in the second available space.

3. Place down the Octane Spawner

The device section of the inventory is where the spawner can be introduced to the game. When you are atop it, you will have the choice to set it down on the ground, which will result in the emergence of the vehicle in question.

How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite

4. Drive the car

In the main Fortnite game, the button that allows you to enter a truck or Whiplash also lets you enter a car, so you may utilize either one. You are free to drive and make as much use of the boost as you see fit from that point on, but it will eventually run out.

The Rocket Boost is the device in Rocket League that enables you to increase the speed of your car, and it is the first choice in the Devices menu. You will need to position a few of these devices across the playing field in order for this vehicle to behave in the same way as it does in Rocket League.

How to Get Octane Spawner from Rocket League in Fortnite

The car can now be driven on a unique map that Epic Games has introduced to the game. The coordinates of the map are 7808-4434-5127. The Octane Spawner is currently exclusively playable in the Creative mode of Fortnite: Battle Royale; however, it is feasible that Epic Games will make it playable in some capacity in the Battle Royale mode in the future.


What’s the rarest car in Rocket League?

The Octane body that recently became available in the marketplace was dethroned as Rocket League’s rarest vehicle by the Titanium White Dominus, which is now the game’s most exclusive vehicle.

Who is the best car in Rocket League?

The greatest Rocket League players began to realize very early on in the game that the Octane body was, in fact, the best car in Rocket League. This realization came about during the very early phases of the game. This is due to the fact that the form of the hitbox on the Octane was the one that it suited the best, in comparison to other bodies that have the same hitbox like the Zippy or the Backfire.

Which Rocket League car is fastest?

If the majority of your games takes place at a frenetic speed, then the Octane is most likely the superior option for you. However, the Fennec is still the best car in Rocket League when taken into consideration as a whole.

What is the biggest car Rocket League?

It’s a one-of-a-kind Dominus-type vehicle, and it’s the longest car in the game. It also features an angular design, which makes it easier than ever for players to make accurate shots. Because of its large and flat design, the Batmobile has excellent aerodynamics and can go great distances in the air.

What is the Rocket League car called?

Since Patch 1.79, the Octane, Breakout, and Merc are the three cars that are automatically unlocked when the game is first started. Octane, Gizmo, Road Hog, and X-Devil were the names of the default cars in the past.