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How to Get Physics Gun in Handyman Roblox


Physics Gun in the Handyman Roblox will allow you to beat every challenge in the game. You can fight with your enemies and can beat every difficult task with the help of this game. If you want to get hold of this gun then you will have to get your stuff to get on the mission. You will have to struggle a lot to get the physics gun so prepare yourself well before heading on to this task. The task will require you to fly in the air all through the task.

Your concentration is needed in the task as this will allow you to grab the physics gun the moment it appears. The flying carriage will have two mugs. You will have to follow the carriage to grab onto the mugs. Once you get hold of the mug you will land on the ground. The next item that you will need is the Dev texture. Go to the handyman statue and collect a box from there. The players will have to collect multiple boxes to get to the physics gun.

Steps To Get Physics Gun In Handyman Roblox

If you are looking for a physics gun you will need a private sector. Here some steps you need to follow:

  • Get the helicopter
  • Move to the flying platform
  • Get paper
  • Move to Spawn (The better way will be to reset)
  • Now Move to the farmhouse
  • Go to the second floor
  • Pick up the dev structure and move back towards the helicopter
  • Now go towards the cloud while flying with a box
  • When you are on the cloud get soul now
  • Take a look at how it crafts
  • Here you go