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How to Get Ravenclaw in Wizarding World 2023


how to get ravenclaw in wizarding world 2023

In this article we will guide you how you can get Ravenclaw in Wizarding World 2023. So make sure you read it all till the end to understand it.

When you were new to pottermore, were you selected as Ravenclaw? then your house changed? Then this guide is for you to follow till the end.

Hogwarts Legacy has the four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can choose Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin and take part in annual points and live in the common room.

Ravenclaw, established by Rowena Ravenclaw, values intelligence and wit in its students. Most of players have reported that they get only Slytherin no matter how hard they try but we will tell you how you can get Ravenclaw.

Pottermore Sorting Hat Test has been a popular way for fans of the “Harry Potter” to discover which Hogwarts house they belong to.

When you sort into a house on Wizarding world then you will be asked a series of questions. There are 28 questions in total, but only 8 of them will be selected for you.

The questions are a mix of personal preferences and moral dilemmas, designed to determine which house you would be best suited for.

Some Questions are meant to gauge your personality and your values

The personal preference questions are simple.

For example:

  • You might be asked whether you prefer the moon or stars
  • You would rather be known as wise or foolish

You might be asked what you would do if you and two friends needed to cross a bridge guarded by a troll. Also you can be asked what you would do if one of your housemates cheated in a test?

These questions are designed to assess your character and your moral values.

While the questions and the sorting process are different from person to person. Here are some general answers that are known to lead to a sorting into Ravenclaw.

  • Moon or stars: Moon
  • Left or right: Left
  • Heads or tails: Heads
  • Black or white: White
  • Dawn or dusk: Dawn
  • Forest or river: Forest
  • Ideal pet: Tawny owl
  • How would you like to be remembered: The Wise
  • The power you would choose: The power to change your appearance at will
  • Most important item to rescue from a troll: A mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes
  • What kind of instrument do you prefer: The Piano
  • What are you most looking forward to learning at Hogwarts: Every area of magic
  • The road you would choose: The cobbled street lined with ancient buildings
  • What would you least like to be called: Ignorant
  • What would you rather be: Imitated
  • The nightmare that would frighten you the most: Standing on top of something very high
  • The drink you would choose: The foaming, frothing, silvery liquid that sparkles as though containing ground diamonds.

If you follow the answers given above there are likely high chances that you can get ravenclaw in wizarding world 2023.

So, if you get Slytherin over and over again then you just keep trying every month eventually you will get in Ravenclaw.