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How to Add People to a Twitter Circle


Twitter Circles solves this problem by enabling users to compile a “circle” of contacts and send tweets just to the members of that select group of Twitter users. After going through a period of beta testing with a limited number of users, the feature is now accessible to all of Twitter’s users. This is how you can include other users in a Twitter Circle.

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How to Add People to a Twitter Circle

1. To start crafting a tweet, open the Twitter app on your device and tap the New button. Tap the Public button located to the right of your account icon.

How to Add People to a Twitter Circle

2. In the Choose audience popup window, you should have the option to select either Public or Twitter Circle as your audience. Tap Edit to the right of where it says Twitter Circle.

3. Select the Recommended option on the screen where you can edit your Twitter Circles.

4. Find the people you want to add to your Circle by searching for them or browsing through their profiles. To add a person to your circle, tap the Add button. You can add any number of persons up to the maximum of 150. They will be displayed in this window under the tab labelled Twitter Circle.

5. When your Circle is finished, tap the X in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to Add People to a Twitter Circle


What is the green circle on Twitter?

A new green label will appear below tweets for those who have been joined to Twitter Circle. This badge indicates that the message can only be seen by the particular individual who is a member of a closed group. Additionally, the reply to the tweet will be kept secret within the Twitter Circle, and it will not be visible to any public users of the Twitter network.

What does mute do on Twitter?

You can exclude all of an account’s Tweets from your timeline by using the Mute feature, which does not require you to unfollow or ban the account in question. Accounts that have been muted are unaware when they have been muted, and you have the ability to unmute them at any moment.

Do people know if you add them to a list Twitter?

Notification is sent to a user whenever they are added to a public list. Anyone who knows the list’s URL or is connected to it can see the contents of a public list. Private lists are only viewable to the list’s owner. Additionally, public lists can be searched for. None of that applies to private mailing lists.

What does soft blocking mean on Twitter?

A user will not be able to see your tweets on your feed if you use a hard block, but they will still be able to read your tweets and direct message you. A soft block is distinct from a hard block in this regard. Having said that, if you remove a follower from your account, that individual is free to start following you again at any time.

Can you see who Soft blocked you?

The use of the soft block is a far more convenient and less cumbersome technique to achieve the same results as the use of the other options. Once you ‘soft block’ someone, they will not be notified of the action. They will still be able to view your tweets and communicate with you via direct message.