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How to Get Subtitles on Hulu’s Website


You have the option to switch on closed captions or subtitles when you are watching movies and TV series on Hulu, which is beneficial if you have difficulties hearing or are simply in a noisy situation without headphones on hand. The following is the correct procedure:

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How to Get Subtitles on Hulu’s Website

No matter what device you use to access Hulu, you will always be able to find the controls for the subtitles under a menu that either reads Captions & Subtitles or just says Subtitles. This is the case regardless of whatever option you choose. On the other hand, the manner in which you traverse that particular menu will be determined by both the platform and the application that you use to access Hulu.

The following procedures need to be carried out on your behalf on the Hulu website:

1. It is recommended that Hulu be started up and a movie or TV show be selected to play.

2. To access the settings, click on the gear icon that is situated in the lower-right hand corner of the window.

How to Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website

3. To move forward with the process, choose the item denoted by the arrow that is located on the right side of the menu.