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Sea Of Stars – How to Win Edward’s Roulette Wheel


The realm of the Sea of Stars is expansive, and it hides many mysteries. Players will need to win a roulette game called Bonus Spin Roulette to locate all of the Trivia Question Packs throughout the game. Instead, you’ll be able to assemble a squad of one-of-a-kind heroes to take on a wide range of foes. However, players in Port Town of Brisk will encounter an adversary that might permanently damage their bank accounts: the town’s high prices. By reading this guide, learn the ins and outs of beating Edward’s Roulette Wheel in Sea of Stars!

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What is Edward’s Roulette Wheel?

As you explore the Sea of Stars, you’ll come across various interesting people. There are friendly ones among them, deadly ones, and some who will stick by your side no matter what. But none of them come close to the level of Edward Roulette, a man who has been the subject of much suspicion. For a good reason, his home in Brisk’s Port Town is tucked away among the buildings. You can find him by going to the eastern area of town and ascending the stairs from there.

Sea Of Stars - How to Win Edward’s Roulette Wheel

For merely 10 Gold, Edward will offer you the chance to play BS Roulette. If you’re game, we’ll spin the Roulette wheel and you’ll choose a number between one and three to wager on. However, since you can’t possibly win at this Roulette game in Sea of Stars, it might as well be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you there. Worse worse, you can waste a lot of time and money trying it out multiple times.

How to Find the Right Answer to Edward Roulette’s Wheel

There is no bias in the roulette wheel. Probably. However, there is a correct response. But spending all your money won’t get you there. You must find this shady fortune teller and hand over 90G to them. They will give you the right response. Come back up to Edward and give the wheel another spin.

Sea Of Stars - How to Win Edward’s Roulette Wheel

By the way, I gave this a shot twice and both times received “22” as the answer. This leads me to suspect that until you consult the fortune teller, you’ll never see the option emerge. Edward gives you Question Pack #2, which you can turn it to the Quiz Master when you get to Lucent. To get entry, one must solve the problem of the missing Turbo Cookies for a ghost.

Where to Use the Question Packs

Are you interested in utilizing the Question Pack that Edward provided? The Quizmaster is looking for these question packets, so players will need to return to Lucent. Use the Graplou paths to get to the second floor of the inn, then look for a treasure chest. A Turbo Cookie awaits you inside.  Next, leave Lucent for the west, where a ghost by the name of Melee Matey can be found.

Give him the Turbo Cookie, and he will start some turn-based battle with the player. After he’s been killed, his body should be combed over for the shed’s Key. In this throwback game named Sea of Stars, you must find the key to the shed and then travel to the eastern gate of the town by way of the bridge. Enter the building to use your Question Packs with the Quiz Master.

How to Win Edward’s Roulette Wheel

However, there is a strategy that may be used to succeed in BS Roulette in Sea of Stars. It’s not a matter of chance so much as of how deep your pockets are. In fact, it appears to be the only way to come out on top. You must, therefore, first try your luck at Edward’s Roulette Wheel and, inevitably, lose.

The next step is to leave the premises and potentially consult a fortune teller by approaching a stranger lurking around the corner. In any event, for the low, low price of 90 Gold, this individual will reveal the upcoming BS Roulette winning number. Try your luck at the Roulette Table once more after that.

Sea Of Stars - How to Win Edward’s Roulette Wheel

You may now add the number 22 to your betting options; it’s the one that’s guaranteed to win. The second set of questions is your prize for sticking with it. This completes the tutorial for the Sea of Stars Roulette Wheel. If you want to avoid any trouble with Edward, you should use our advice to come out on top of this gambling game.


What is the difference between the wheels in Sea of Stars?

The wheel chosen by the player is the fifth from the right. The player’s first four spins are always the same. Success in the fifth wheel improves as players are given better player wheels. Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum are the tiers of the player wheel.

What is the flimsy hammer for Sea of Stars?

You need to complete Sea of Stars in order to gain access to a hidden area, and there are a total of four Flimsy Hammer items. You must first defeat every Wheels Champion and then The Watchmaker. Accomplish the game’s True Ending by vanquishing the last boss.

How do you get the best ending in Sea of Stars?

Seven distinct optional activities must be finished before the real ending may be accessed. After completing each of these tasks, a pillar around the mysterious Moorlands monument will light up.

Where is the golden pelican in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, the game ends at The Golden Pelican. A Gilded Invitation obtained from the Fishing Dungeon is required to dine at this exclusive restaurant in Brisk’s Port Town.

What is max level in Sea of Stars?

There is a level 30 cap in Sea of Stars. This limit may appear modest in comparison to other games in the genre, but leveling up requires a lot of experience points, thus the process is actually quite lengthy.