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How to Get Super Shadow in Sonic Simulator Roblox


You can get super shadow it’s a little hard to get because it’s invisible and it seems like it doesn’t exist.

The Sonic Characters are all playable again not just Sonic and I like playing as Shadow Sonic Silver Tails and Amy.

Introduction to Sonic Simulator Roblox

Developed by Gamefam Studios and officially licenced by Sega, Sonic Speed Simulator[1] is a massively multiplayer online game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Anyone with a Roblox account can participate in this “experience” for free. On March 30, 2022, a paid beta version was made available; on April 16, 2022, a free version was made available. Special updates are regularly released after milestones are reached—usually involving a specific number of likes—and the game is actively updated as a result.

Sonic Speed Simulator is a 3D

Platformer game Sonic Speed Simulator is a 3D, third-person platformer with open Zones and multiple characters to play. It is possible to unlock additional characters, such as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, with the help of cards that can be found in the worlds. Spin Jump, Spin Attack, Spin Dash, Spin Dash Charge, Jump Dash and Homing Attack are all playable characters’ moves, with the notable absence of the Boost.

As in other Roblox simulator games, the player character’s abilities are constantly being improved as they travel through open worlds. In this game, players can find multicoloured Chaos Orbs scattered around the world that gradually increase the player’s XP if they collect them.

Player’s Experience Point (XP)

One experience point (XP) is also awarded to the player’s character for each in-game shop purchase or stop they make. XP earned in different worlds is multiplied by the world’s number (world 3 for example, multiplies the player XP by three).

When traversing Sky Rings, which are unique to the game, players gain a large amount of experience. As the player’s level rises, the following stats will also rise:

Speed determines the maximum speed of the playable character. As the game progresses, the player’s speed increases at an exponential rate. The ability to perform loops, jump from slopes, and run along walls is possible at higher speeds in the game. Spin Dash and Homing Attacks are also affected by a player’s speed. Toward the bottom left of the screen, there is a metre that shows a player’s speed in miles per hour.

Jumping height is controlled by this power. A maximum power of 100 is possible. It aids in the ascent of the player to Sky Rings and other apex locations. To achieve great heights in a game, it is necessary to have a high Speed and Power parameter as well as an accurate Spin Dash.

How to Level Up

There will be a small portion of the HUD that tells the player’s exact parameter values when they level up, before scrolling up and off the screen when they do so. In the app’s settings, you can turn off this feature.

In addition, the settings menu allows for a reduction in both Speed and Power. This has the effect of increasing or decreasing the specified parameter by the specified percentage, but it has no effect on the statistics from any previous Level.

The player can choose to “rebirth,” which removes their speed and levels, but gives them a large amount of Rings, an increase in maximum level before the next rebirth, and an XP multiplier to aid in levelling up.

New worlds can only be accessed after a player has reached a certain level. To purchase random cosmetic items like trails or pets that provide upgradable benefits to the player, such as increased Rings rewarded per Ring pickup and increased XP per Chaos Orb pickup, Rings can be found in the world or obtained through other means.

Chao are included in this category of pets. Chao can be obtained in two ways: either purchased from a vending machine or earned through participation in specific events. One can choose from a variety of Chao in the game, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities.

In addition to their rarity classification, which ranges from “Common” to “Uncommon,” “Rare,” “Epic,” “Legendary,” and “Chaos,” these include the benefits they grant when equipped, which include increasing the amount of XPs and Rings earned when collecting the corresponding item.

Three of any Chao can be attached to the playable character. In addition, while attached to the playable character, the Chao will gain XPs, which will raise their respective levels and enhance the benefits they provide to the character.

By default, the player can only carry twenty Chao, but this number can be increased via in-game purchases. Additionally, if the player collects five of the same type of Chao, they can evolve it. Increased bonuses are provided by Chao’s evolution.

In addition to the above, the game hosts various races and events on a regular basis. In order to compete against other players in the game, the player can use these to earn different rewards based on their position.

Ring and XP multipliers

Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, is also available for purchase in the game’s in-game shop. You can buy passes that grant permanent benefits, such as more inventory space, level/rebirth multipliers, and the negation of the level cap; Boosts that give temporary benefits, such as Ring and XP multipliers; and Gold Rings that grant different amounts of Rings, depending on how many you buy.

Here the player can also purchase outfits for their playable character. These can be found on the wooden stage between the totems in Green Hill, close to the starting point. The chest at the top of the HUD is also a source of additional content for the player during certain periods of time. Magnets, for example, are a special type of upgrade that is only available for a limited time in-game.


Sonic Speed Simulator also includes obstacle courses in addition to the game’s vast open worlds (referred to as “Obbies”). If an Obby is based on the Zone “Lost Valley,” clearing it will grant the player access to the eponymous world. Completing special Obbies allows the player to obtain additional Rings and unlock new Zones. “Scavenger Hunt” event character cards appear in specific worlds every five minutes. “Sailor Tails” becomes playable after you’ve collected 100 cards.