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How to Get Weather on Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is a well-liked wearable that aids users in managing notifications, tracking fitness goals, and—most importantly—monitoring the weather. Users of the Apple Watch can quickly receive updates on the weather in their area or in a city they intend to visit thanks to the device’s weather forecast feature. It’s wise to display the weather on your Apple Watch face. You can always be informed about the weather where you are by simply looking at your wrist. How to obtain weather on your Apple Watch is covered in this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Weather on Apple Watch

The weather is typically integrated into watch faces. Here is how to see it in its entirety.

1. Lifting your wrist or tapping the Apple Watch face will do.

2. Select the Weather component.

How to Get Weather on Apple Watch

3. You can see the current temperature on this screen. View information for the upcoming days as well as wind speed, UV index, air pollution, and more by scrolling down.

How to Get Weather on Apple Watch

Using Siri

The procedure is simpler if you use your voice to seek the weather. Here is what to do.

1. Say “Hey Siri” to your Apple Watch by raising your wrist.

TIP: Hold the digital crown until the listening indicator appears if elevating your wrist does not work.

2. “What’s the forecast for [desired location]?” you ask.

3. Say “What’s the temperature in [desired location]?” as an alternative.


Why is my Weather not showing on Apple Watch?

To make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are linked, check your Bluetooth connection. To ensure that the Weather app can access your location, check the app’s location settings. Reset the sync data on your Apple Watch, and in the worst case, disconnect and reconnect your watch.

Why has my Apple weather app disappeared?

If the app has been deleted, use Spotlight to search for it, or seek for it on the final page of apps in the App Library, or re-download it from the App Store.

Why is my weather app not showing?

Clear the platform’s Mobile Data and App Cache and upgrade the Google Weather app to the most recent version to resolve issues. After that, make sure your device’s internet access is working properly, turn on “Location Privacy,” and install any new apps!

What happened to the weather widget?

Reinstall the widget and include it on your home screen if you already uninstalled it. Use the Weather Widget as an illustration. Tap Enable under Settings > Apps > Apps > Weather. If the Weather app cannot be located, it is removed.

What happened to my weather icon?

The Google app manages the weather on at a glance. It might return on its own. If not, you might try deleting the Google app’s cache. Clear the cache by selecting it under settings, applications & notifications, all, Google, and storage.

Does Apple have a new Weather app?

With Deeper Dark Sky Integration, the iOS 16 Weather App Gets a Significant Redesign. With iOS 16, Apple has expanded the data that is available in the built-in Weather app. Now, you can tap on any Weather module to access extra helpful data that wasn’t present in iOS 15 before.