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Destiny 2

How to Get the Biting Winds in Destiny 2


The Biting Winds expansion for Destiny 2 has been released. It is a new type of combat using the Europa weaponry set. You should think of the biting winds as the best choice among all of the available possibilities. Another dimension has been added to the gameplay of Destiny 2, which has been updated. This page will provide you with information regarding the new weapons, features, and statistics that are available in biting winds. Therefore, read it all the way through!

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How to Get the Biting Winds in Destiny 2

Weapons and Stats of Biting Winds

The Precision Frame and Compound Bow that make up the Legendary Kinetic Combat Bow, Biting Winds, are both part of the same set. The longer draw time is the optimal choice for maximizing damage in this situation. You are welcome to take a peek at the data that is provided below!

  • Impact 76
  • Stability 49
  • 78 percent accuracy
  • Handling 54
  • Time to Draw: 684
  • Speed of reloading 46

When it comes to the firearms, players have access to a wide variety of handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns in Destiny 2. The Bow stands out as the most distinctive of them all. You are going to obtain a lot of weapons, some of which are boring or full of fantasy, but the bows are the ones that are the most exciting. The introduction of Beyond Light brought about significant changes to the gameplay. The arrival of Biting Winds can be traced back to this particular motivation. Be careful not to become lost in the process of utilizing this right now because acquiring it will take a little bit of time. To put it simply, selecting this option is the finest one.

1. Progress through the Beyond Light campaign

How to Get the Biting Winds in Destiny 2

The first step in obtaining the biting winds is to do as described here. Throughout the course of your adventure, you will be tasked with eliminating various Fallen Kells. Following this, you will proceed to the task involving the Dark Priestess. If you are concerned about the outcome of this mission, let me reassure you that it will not be difficult. It is imperative that you win the battle by employing the most effective weaponry. When you have finished the Dark Priestess, you will be able to claim the Biting Winds Bow as your own.

2. Farm the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt

How to Get the Biting Winds in Destiny 2

You will have the opportunity to seize a golden chance if you have finished the Beyond Light campaign. You have the opportunity to refight all of the bosses in their respective missions. And the only way to accomplish this is through participating in the Empire Hunts. You will acquire the Biting Winds Bow upon completion of this assignment. But how exactly do you intend to start the Empire Hunt? Your response can be found here.

To begin, you will need to relocate to Charon’s Crossing, which is found in Europa. If you look for Vatika, you will uncover a variety of Empire Hints, each one containing a different weapon. You only need to accomplish the level by looking for the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt and completing it. When the quest is finished, you will be rewarded with the Biting Winds item. Therefore, obtaining your Biting Winds through these means was the simplest method available in Destiny 2.


Can you still get Trinity ghoul?

The Trinity Ghoul can be obtained through the use of Exotic Engrams or it can be bought from Xûr (whenever he decides to sell it). Because there is no straightforward path to get it, it is possible that acquiring this weapon will take significantly more time than acquiring other weapons. Having said that, the reward for opening an Exotic engram will always be a piece of weaponry or armour that you do not already possess.

Why is Witherhoard disabled?

The Witherhoard in Destiny 2 has had its Crucible mode access restricted because it was deemed to be too powerful.

Is osteo Striga good?

The Osteo Striga is both one of the most effective and straightforward point-and-click experience (PVE) weapons in the entire game. In point of fact, even players with disabilities have praised it due to the fact that it does not demand a flawless aim in order to be effective. And after you have uncovered its catalyst, it will become an even more potent weapon.

What is the best PvP bow in Destiny 2?

The Best Bows for Competitive Play in Destiny 2 (2022)

Complete the formidable Black Armory weapon frames at the Volundr Forge to earn the Le Monarque (Energy, Void, Exotic) reward. During the Season of the Worthy, the Iron Banner weapon Point of the Stag (Energy, Arc) can be obtained. Ticuu’s Divination (Energy, Solar, Exotic) is a seasonal pass for the exotic tier of the Season of the Chosen event.

Do I need Shadowkeep for Witherhoard?

Destiny 2 requires players to travel to the Monument to Lost Lights and make a purchase from the Shadowkeep exotics tab in order to acquire the Witherhoard exotic weapon. The reason for this is that Witherhoard and several other exotics from Year 3 were vaulted, and as a result, they are no longer able to be discovered anywhere outside of the Monument to Lost Lights.