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Destiny 2

How To Get the Mech Armor Set in Destiny 2


In preparation for the upcoming Halloween-themed event that will take place in Destiny 2, the most recent Mech costumes that can be obtained in the game are adorned with one-of-a-kind Universal Ornaments. Consequently, if you are interested in collecting these mechanized cosmetics, we will explain how to gain the Mech armour set in Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022. This event will take place in 2022. In addition, we will take you step-by-step through the contents of each bundle for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter classes as well as what each one entails in terms of gameplay. So let’s get started:

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How To Get the Mech Armor Set in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, players have the opportunity to get the most recent Mech armour set by exchanging Silver, the in-game currency, for it in the Eververse store. You can purchase the Festival of the Lost 2022 set for your class by opening your “Director” and selecting the “Store” tab. This set includes the Mechanized Protector Titan Bundle, the Mobile Exoskeleton Warlock Bundle, and the Machined Skirmisher Hunter Bundle. You can find this feature by opening your “Director” and selecting the “Store” tab. These limited-edition packets have a price tag of 1,500 Silver, which is similar to $19.99 in American dollars (this will give you around 2,300 Silver.)

In addition to Silver, players can get these Mech sets by completing tasks that award Bright Dust. Bright Dust is an additional form of currency that can be obtained by completing bounties, seasonal challenges, and other objectives.


How To Get the Mech Armor Set in Destiny 2

  • Protective Gauntlets Made of Mechanized Equipment
  • Protective Helmet for Mechanized Combat
  • Mark of the Mechanized Protector
  • Protective Metal Plate for Machines
  • Protective Gear for Mechanized Weapons


How To Get the Mech Armor Set in Destiny 2

  • Cloak of the Machined Skirmisher
  • Skirmisher Mask Fitted for Machine Guns
  • Skirmisher Sleeves that Have Been Machined
  • Machined Skirmisher Strides
  • Machined Skirmisher Vest


How To Get the Mech Armor Set in Destiny 2

  • Mobile Exoskeleton Hood
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Gloves
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Cloak
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Boots
  • Mobile Exoskeleton Bond


How do you get spectral pages?

To gain Spectral Pages, which are the only way to generate Manifested Pages, you have to accomplish activities across the game while wearing the Festival Mask (this is key!) and wait for them to drop after you finish the activity. Spectral Pages can then be used to construct Manifested Pages. These are the following: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit are among of the activities on the Playlist (3 per completion).

What is the easiest strike in Destiny 2?

The Lake of Shadows is the Best Option.

Many gamers that play Destiny consider Lake of Shadows to be the best place to harvest strikes, and there is a strong reason for this. This strike has a large number of Taken, is a linear strike that can be completed in under five minutes using a speedrun, and has a weak boss that can be easily defeated using a Sword.

Why am I not getting Spectral Pages?

If you are still experiencing an issue in which Spectral Pages are not appearing in the correct manner, Bungie recommends that you carry out the following steps: Purge the cache on your Destiny 2 console or computer. Successfully complete a Strike. Finish off a sector in the Haunted Area.

What is the strongest gear in Destiny 2?

When a player obtains Powerful Gear Tier 1, it indicates that any linked items they find will always have a Power Level that is three levels higher than the player’s current maximum Power Level that can be equipped. A +4 Power Level item will be dropped by Powerful Gear Tier 2 when compared to the players’ maximum equipable Power Level at the time of the drop.

Can you still get Tractor Cannon in Destiny 2?

When the player kills an adversary that is not a Guardian, there is a chance that they will receive a Tractor Cannon Catalyst as a random drop. This could be a boss or a random add in the PVE portion of the game. It does not appear that there is a way to improve the chances of receiving a drop, but it is necessary to own the Tractor Cannon in order for the Tractor Cannon Catalyst to become available.