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How to Get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect in Destiny 2


Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch kicked off on August 22. While most of it involves Guardians completing Hive rituals and fulfilling tithe requests from a Darkness-enhanced Eris Morn, it also adds even more mysteries to Neomuna. This location was introduced in Lightfall and serves as the hub for the Strand subclass. The secrets at issue here are the brand-new Strand Aspects, one for each class. According to the results of some preliminary testing currently occurring all around the community, these newly developed Strand Aspects are proving to be some of the most potent yet. Weavewalk is one of the most powerful techniques for reducing damage the game provides for Warlocks. In contrast, Banner of War and Whirling Maelstrom provide new methods of destruction that largely focus on the Strand keywords for Titans and Hunters, respectively. This guide will lead you through the steps necessary to obtain the Weavewalk Strand aspect in Destiny 2:

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How to Get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

The Weavewalk Strand Aspect is a new piece of gear that can be acquired by playing the Veil Containment assignment on Neomuna during season 22 of Destiny 2 for Warlocks. To be more exact, it is a reward that can be collected from Nimbus once the player has finished the Unveiled quest. Completing the task allows the player to collect the reward at the Pouka Pond on Neomuna.

How to Get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

If you have never done Veil Containment before, you will need to finish the Parting the Veil quest first—something that can also be obtained from Nimbus—before you will have access to the Unveiled quest and the road to unlocking the Strand Aspect. The Parting the Veil quest is a prerequisite for the Unveiled quest.

Players must load into the Veil Containment task node, which can be found at the bottom left of the Neomuna destination map, to finish the Unveiled quest. Players can return to the Pouka Pond to get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect at no cost if they have accessed one of the audio logs in the chamber they originally loaded into after beginning the game.

How to Get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

The Weavewalk Strand Aspect allows warlocks to dodge while in the air, allowing them to “enter the weave,” as the aspect’s description puts it. When they join the weave, not only does the Warlock acquire a substantial level of damage resistance, but they will also create perched Threadlings over time. This happens when they enter the weave. It is noteworthy that this damage resistance does not appear to have been lessened for the sake of balance in Destiny 2’s PvP environment. As a result, it has been discovered that even five Guardians equipped with Heavy ammunition can struggle to take down a Warlock in this mode.

Get the Whirling Maelstrom Strand Aspect and what it does

In Destiny 2, season 22 adds a new Strand Aspect for Hunters called Whirling Maelstrom. Like the other Strand Aspects added to the other two classes, it can be collected from the Pouka Pond after players finish the Unveiled Neomuna objective.

If you have already finished the Unveiled quest, you can acquire Whirling Maelstrom from the Pouka Pond as soon as you access it in the Hall of Heroes. If you have not yet finished the quest, you will not be able to gain it.

How to Get the Weavewalk Strand Aspect in Destiny 2

The Whirling Maelstrom Aspect of Strand Hunters focuses on improving your Tangles to maximize their potential. To be more specific, after the destruction of a Tangle, it will weave a mass of Strand strands that will seek out adjacent targets and deal damage to them. It will also release projectiles that, if they hit an enemy, will cause them to become Unravel if it successfully kills any of the targets it damages. Whirling Maelstrom can maintain its self-perpetuating gameplay loop because Unraveled targets have the potential to unravel into Tangles upon being defeated.


How do you unlock the strand mission in Destiny 2?

It is necessary to finish the Lightfall campaign in its entirety and meditate at the Pouka Pond on Neomuna in order to be able to obtain the Strand subclass in Destiny 2. You will get a taste of the Strand in a few of the Lightfall missions, but at the end of them, you will always be weary because your body will not be able to withstand that much power.

Why is my Destiny 2 strand aspects not unlocking?

In order to gain access to all of the Strand Aspects, Fragments, and Grenade abilities available for your current Class, you will need to make use of Strand Meditations at the Pouka Pond.

How to get Strand subclass Destiny 2 without DLC?

You have to first finish the Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2 in order to be able to unlock the Strand subclass. Following the conclusion of the game’s final quest, “Desperate Measures,” you will be able to visit the Tower and have a conversation with Zavala and Ikora there.

Can you get stasis for free Destiny 2?

Only Guardians who have purchased the Beyond Light expansion will have access to the Stasis ability. If you do own it, then in order to obtain Stasis, you will need to win the campaign, and if you have one of each class, you will need to win it three times. If you do not own it, then you will not need to win the campaign.