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Destiny 2

How to Get the Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle Launcher in Destiny 2


During the Season of Opulence in Destiny 2, the Wendigo-GL3 Grenade Launcher is the weapon that exemplifies what it means to reach the Vanguard Pinnacle. Because it can be put in the Power weapon slot without any additional steps, you do not need to be concerned about this Legendary Grenade Launcher taking up either your Energy or your Kinetic weapon slot when you equip it. The process for gaining the Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle weapon in Destiny 2 is going to be broken down into its component parts in the subsequent post. So let’s get started:

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How to Get the Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle Launcher in Destiny 2

You must speak with Zavala in the Tower and accept the task titled “A Gift for the Worthy” in order to start the quest that will allow you to unlock Wendigo-GL3. You’re going to need a lot of Grenade Launcher kills in order to complete this quest, as that is its primary objective. Strikes are where you’ll be using them.

How to Get the Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle Launcher in Destiny 2

In playlist strikes, you can score points for achieving Grenade Launcher multikills, landing Grenade Launcher final blows, and destroying opposing combatants. The most effective means of advancing are last blows dealt with a Grenade Launcher. Death slows down the progression of the game.

  • 1,500 concluding strikes
  • 500 multikills
  • Accumulated points

The final component of this, referred to as the “points earned” section, is an undefined figure that needs to be brought up to 100%. To complete this mission successfully, you will need to use grenade launchers to take the lives of literally thousands of adversaries. The fact that you must complete this task alone within a Strike playlist, as opposed to Nightfall, and that dying will cause you to lose progress makes it one of the more difficult objectives.

You have several options available to you for finishing this task, the first of which is to chip away at it throughout the length of the Season of Opulence, ensuring that you utilise Grenade Launchers when eliminating foes. By approaching it in this manner, you will have the opportunity to play hundreds of Strikes. However, there is a further possibility, one that is more cheesy, if you will.

Wendigo-GL3 perks and stats

Your Power weapon slot is the perfect place for the Wendigo-GL3 Grenade Launcher, despite the fact that it is a Heavy weapon. The Wendigo-GL3 is a Powerful weapon that can drop, which means that it will drop at a high Power level, the exact value of which will vary based on your average. Additionally, it will drop fully masterworked, which indicates that it has the potential to generate Orbs of Light, the effects of which feed directly into the item’s benefits.

How to Get the Wendigo-GL3 Pinnacle Launcher in Destiny 2

Explosive Light is the perk that makes Wendigo-GL3 such an appealing weapon. This perk enhances the blast radius and damage of the following grenade that the player uses after picking up an Orb of Light. The Wendigo truly comes into its own during the boss fight of a raid, because at that point there are usually quite a few Orbs of Light scattered about the arena. In addition to that, it comes with an Auto-Loading Holster and Blinding Grenades, so you won’t ever have to worry about reloading, and your foes will be at a disadvantage.


How do you get the breach and clear mod?

By raising the level of the Seraph Cipher Artifact, it is possible to get access to Breach and Clear. However, because it is located in the very last row of the Seraph Cipher Artifact’s rows of unlockable modifications, you won’t be able to get it unless you’ve unlocked all 14 of the other mods in the Artifact first. However, these may be quickly unlocked by simply playing Destiny 2, which is a very simple process.

Is breach and clear better than divinity?

The adverse impact that is inflicted with Breach and Clear is even more powerful than the exotic trace rifle Divinity, and it does stack with other things, such as the top tree Void Hunter’s tethering anchors, which allows for automatic crits on the opponent.

The one and only Sword occupies the #1 spot on this list. The Lament is an amazing monster that, thanks to its capacity to be cranked up and inflict significant extra damage, enables some of the greatest damage per second (DPS) output available in the game.

What is the strongest gear in Destiny 2?

When a player obtains Powerful Gear Tier 1, it indicates that any linked items they find will always have a Power Level that is three levels higher than the player’s current maximum Power Level that can be equipped. A +4 Power Level item will be dropped by Powerful Gear Tier 2 when compared to the players’ maximum equipable Power Level at the time of the drop.

What is the best helmet in Destiny 2?

The Crown of Tempests is without a doubt the best Exotic helmet available to Arc Warlocks, and one might make the case that it is superior to the recently introduced Fallen Sunstar helmet. The Crown of Tempests is simply a bit more adaptable than other headpieces because it enables players to quickly regenerate their skills if they score the killing blow with arc powers or with a jolt.