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How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite


In Halo: Infinite, there are a number different ways to get additional Valor; however, the quickest method is to complete the various optional side missions scattered throughout the game. An structured points system is present in Halo Infinite, which is analogous to the experience points found in the Halo Infinite multiplayer and other games. Gamers acquire Valor by completing missions as Master Chief and completing associated objectives. After that, the Valor points are put to use to unlock things like weapons, marines, and vehicles. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain valor in Halo: Infinite. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

The Valor system and the tasks that go along with it offer players the opportunity to acquire some of the game’s most powerful weaponry, as well as vehicles. Here is how you can quickly unlock Valor.

1. Gain Control of Forward Operating Bases

Taking control of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) is one of the best ways for players to amass Valor. Forward Operational Bases are outposts that were formerly under UNSC authority but have since been overrun by the Banished. Once a Forward Operating Base has been conquered, it will act as a hub from which players can quickly teleport to other locations and use summoned vehicles and weaponry earned via Valor to further their cause.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

The FOBs provide a safe haven for players to rest and prepare for war before continuing on their way. Once a Forward Operating Base has been conquered, it will serve as a spawn place for UNSC Marines, of which several varieties are unlocked as the player’s Valor increases. As Master Chief leaves the FOB, Marines will follow to assist him in combat. For added effect, players can equip the Marines with potent weapons and pack them into multi-person vehicles, making them a formidable foe for any Banished Chief they come across.

2. Eliminate Isolated Enclaves

By destroying Banished Outposts, players can earn a lot of Valor and disrupt the Banished’s plans for Zeta Halo. Major Banished operations on Halo occur at Banished Outposts. No matter what the outpost is used for—fueling, scrapping, or mining—it must be destroyed to aid Master Chief’s aim of clearing Zeta Halo of Banished warriors and thwarting their ambitions. There are several reasons for players to destroy Banished Outposts, as they often contain valuable loot and audio logs.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

Although a fallen Banished Outpost can be used as a quick transit point, it is less safe than a Forward Operating Base because it can still generate enemies and Phantom dropships at random. Each Banished Outpost has its own unique mechanics and strategies for taking it down, but they all share the same overarching goal: clearing a region of Banished warriors and putting an end to whatever they might be up to.

3. Get the Help the UN Needs

UNSC Marine pods may be seen strategically placed around Zeta Halo, where they are desperately trying to halt the assault of the Banished or escape a major ambush. The Master Chief will get distress signals from these Marines. The Marines’ problems will be solved and players will be rewarded with a large amount of Valor if they respond to UNSC distress calls by eliminating the Banished in the region.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

By investigating the Halo ring, Master Chief and his new AI companion can locate UNSC distress cries and rescue Marines in need. These distress beacons can also be located by players via capturing nearby FOBs or Banished Outposts, as doing so will expose nearby landmarks.

4. Take down the towers of propaganda

Banished Propaganda Towers can be found everywhere around Zeta Halo, and their purpose is to discourage and demoralize any humans that happen to be in the area. Banished Propaganda Towers are abundant on Zeta Halo, and while they won’t net you a ton of Valor if you destroy them, it’s still a good idea to do so if you see one. Over time, the Valor accumulates.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

Players should give each message a short listen before demolishing the Banished Propaganda Tower, as it contains some of Halo Infinite’s funniest and most memorable bits of speech. The Grunt announcer in command of the Banished Propaganda Towers will say practically anything to win the battle against humans, including pleading with Chief not to destroy the Towers because it would put him out of a job and lying to listeners about Chief’s manufactured death.

5. Take down strategic opponents

Some of the most dangerous members of the Banished are on patrol in various parts of Halo Infinite’s open world. UNSC calls these dangerous adversaries “High-Value Targets” because of their extensive criminal records. Defeating High-Value Targets is difficult since they all provide their own special challenges for Master Chief. They are usually surrounded by a group of weaker foes that the player must fight through as well.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

Although each HTV carries a one-of-a-kind weapon, eliminating them yields benefits beyond just Valor. The normal versions of these weapons have been tweaked ever so slightly. Some weapon varieties are well worth the trouble players may go through to take down High-Value Targets, such as a Rocket Launcher with target-locking capabilities or a Needler that can latch on to two adversaries at once. Once a High-Value Target has been eliminated, their one-of-a-kind weapon can be requisitioned from the weapon table at any Forward Operating Base.

1. Finish the Major Quests in the Narrative

Valor is a currency that may be earned by completing important objectives in the game’s story. This will help keep players engaged on the main story if they want to maximize their Valor progression, in addition to just moving through the story. Valor is awarded for defeating bosses in the main plot, as well as for achieving any of the tale’s other goals that don’t include a boss fight.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

Since the remaining available Valor points are awarded by one of the game’s final bosses, players won’t be able to reach the maximum Valor level until they’ve completed the main story. This isn’t such a horrible deal, since players may use their Valor requisitions to their full potential once they finish the main story and head back into Zeta Halo’s open world to finish up any loose ends.


What gives Valor in Halo Infinite?

Your efforts to retake Zeta Halo from the Banished will reward you with a currency-like resource known as Valor. To be more specific, you can gain it by eradicating Banished Outposts, which are large structures that resemble forts, destroying Banished Propaganda Towers, and saving USNC Squads. In addition to this, finishing the main plot tasks will occasionally award you with Valor.

Why am i not getting valor in Halo Infinite?

In order to gain access to this feature, you will need to continue playing through the campaign until you have completed the second task. After completing the third assignment, you will have a chance to earn Valor for the first time, and the unlocking mechanism will take effect on its own. The following items can be used to collect Valor in Halo: Infinite: The primary plot missions (around 350 Valor).

Is it easy to rank in Halo Infinite?

It is not a simple task to compete in ranked play in Halo Infinite; nevertheless, with the help of this guide, you will be able to determine how well you do compared to players from the rest of the world. Competing against other players with a skill level comparable to your own in ranked matches or lobbies is, without a doubt, the most effective approach to do so.