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How to Get Vegeta DBL Evt 24u 2023


db legends how to get vegeta dbl-evt-24u

How to get vegeta dbl evt 24u in Dragon Ball Legends

You need to participate in certain events to get Vegeta DBL-EVT-24U in Dragon Ball Legends. There are many events in which you can win not only Chrono Crystals but also many characters like Vegeta.

You can find here the events where you can get the list of exclusive characters and also win other rewards. You should check both links to find out in which event you will be able to get Vegeta for free.

Link 1For winning exclusive characters

Link 2  – For winning rewards like chrono crystals

How to Get Vegeta DBL Evt 24u

As a member of the Saiyan race and a key player in the Frieza Saga, Vegeta has become a popular character among fans of the series. Let’s look at Vegeta’s abilities in the game that will help you to understand and how to use him effectively.

Stats and Abilities

Vegeta is a ranged-type PUR character with a power level of 9.99K and a health level of 24.1K. His strike ATK is 2.56K, strike DEF is 1.63K, blast ATK is 2.58K, and blast DEF is 1.57K.

Here are some of Vegeta’s notable abilities:

Main Ability: Hmph, Dirty Fireworks

Vegeta’s main ability allows him to draw the Ultimate Arts Card “Flash Strike” next. It also restores his health by 20% and Ki by 30. Vegeta’s Arts costs are reduced by 5 for 30 timer counts. To activate this ability, 25 timer counts must elapse.

Ultra Ability: Resonance of Force (Frieza Saga (Z))

When the battle starts, Vegeta gains a 10% damage increase per “Episode: Frieza Saga (Z)” battle member. He also gains an additional 10% damage increase per “Episode: Frieza Saga (Z)” support member, up to 30%. These damage increases cannot be cancelled.

Unique Ability: I’ve Learned How to Conceal My Power

Vegeta’s unique ability shortens his substitution count by 2 as default. When he enters the battlefield, he gains a 50% damage increase (which cannot be stacked) and a 40% damage reduction (which also cannot be stacked). Additionally, for 15 timer counts, allied “Episode: Frieza Saga (Z)” or “Tag: Saiyan” characters gain a 20% damage increase.

He Who Defied Death

Vegeta’s ability “He Who Defied Death” activates when he performs a cover change against an enemy’s Strike Arts attack. It knocks the enemy back to long range and inflicts all enemies with an Attribute Downgrade of “+10% to Damage Received” for 15 timer counts. While Vegeta is on the battlefield, the enemy’s Ki is also reduced by 30 every time they use a Special Arts Card.

Art Cards and Special Abilities

Vegeta has access to several Art Cards and special abilities that make him a formidable opponent in battle.

Here are some of his notable Art Cards:

Strike Arts: Vegeta’s Strike Arts is an Impact type that can be levelled up.

Blast Arts: Vegeta’s Blast Arts is also an Impact type that can be levelled up.

Special Move: Finish Blaster

This special ability deals massive Impact damage and grants Vegeta a 35% increase in Special Move damage inflicted for 3 timer counts upon activation.

Special Skill: Cosmic Shooter

Upon activation, Cosmic Shooter restores Vegeta’s Ki by 30 and increases his Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level for 10 timer counts. It can be combined with any of Vegeta’s Art Cards.