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How to Get Wings in Terraria: A Beginners Guide to the Game


If you’ve got got made it to hard mode in Terraria, the primary aspect you need to don’t forget is a way to get wings. Wings will open up a lot motion ability on your individual and in addition they save you you from ever taking fall damage. Wings are a number of the quality add-ons with inside the game. Different wings can have one-of-a-kind speeds and heights that they are able to reach. There are 46 one-of-a-kind wings with inside the game, a few are offered with the aid of using carriers and others are located from treasure bags.

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Required Materials

Almost each pair of craft able wings require souls of flight. The give up sport wings require defeating the moon lord once, each different pair of wings may be determined from defeating a positive boss.

  •  20 Souls of Flight
  •  Wing Recipe item –
  • Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

Souls of flight are acquired with the aid of using defeating wyverns. A flying antagonistic mob that spawns close to the skybox. These enemies are very tough to come across early on into hard mode, however every one you defeat will drop 5-10 souls of flight.

Each set of wings would require you to locate a few form of aspect to fit with the souls of flight. This can variety from a unprecedented mob drop to souls of light.

To craft wings with inside the first vicinity you’ll want to improve your anvil. It may be very much like creating a everyday anvil, you simply should locate the ideal ore that spawned for your world. This may be irritating as you can locate Mythril/orichalcum earlier than you locate cobalt/palladium, however be aware of any ore veins you locate alongside your way.

How to make Wings in Terraria?

First begin with the aid of using monitoring down a wyvern excessive with inside the sky. Build structures up or discover a floating island to benefit a few footing with inside the sky. Wyverns are lengthy worm-kind enemies in order to take harm alongside every segment in their body.

Use piercing guns or lengthy variety to defeat them quickly. Depending on the issue of your international they may drop greater or much less souls of flight.

Gather as a minimum twenty of those and kill a few harpies even as you’re up here.

Harpies are pre-hard mode flying enemies in order that they shouldn’t reason you an excessive amount of grief. Defeating them will drop feathers and probable even a massive harpy feather. This is a unprecedented drop that may be used to craft harpy wings. If you weren’t fortunate sufficient to get a massive harpy feather, don’t fear you may nevertheless craft wings with normal feathers.

Next you may want to accumulate a few souls of mild or souls of night. If you simply entered hard mode it is able to be hard to locate an underground hallow or corruption/crimson. It ought to unfold in no time, seek caverns you’ve got got already been to and dig elevators right all the way down to the underworld and concentrate for the biome tune to change.

If you need angel wings head in the direction of the underground hallow, mentioned through its red outdoors and brilliant crystal shards. If you need demon wings head in the direction of your respective evil biome, the corruption or crimson, and defeat mobs at the same time as you’re beneath Neath the cave layer.

You do now no longer must kill a biome unique mob to earn souls of light/night time simply be with inside the respective biome to get the souls to drop. You will want twenty 5 souls of light/night time to make angel or demon wings. You have to be getting masses of souls as you’re gathering the brand new hard mode ores.

Use a molten pickaxe to accumulate a few cobalt or palladium, whichever ended up spawning for your world. Use the ores to craft bars and improve your pickaxe. Gather sufficient Mythril/orichalcum to craft a Mythril/orichalcum anvil. These anvils price twelve bars or 48 ores at an iron/lead anvil.

With your anvil positioned and your souls geared up you may now craft wings! If you have been fortunate sufficient to discover a massive harpy feather you may use it and twenty souls of flight to make harpy wings, in any other case use your souls of light/night time to craft angel or demon wings.

There isn’t any in-sport description for which wings are quicker or slower than others. Angel and demon wings are the bottom tier of wing, handiest higher than the fledgling wings you get in Journey mode. Try them out for your self and use the wings which you like best.

How do you’re making a Demon Wing?

Demon wings are made with twenty souls of flight, twenty 5 souls of night, and ten feathers at a mythril/orichalcum anvil.

They are on par with angel wings and the souls of night time are determined in underground crimson/corruption.



What is the perfect manner to get wings in Terraria?

The simplest manner to get wings could be to search out a few wyverns for souls of flight. Many wings may be bought, however unluckily require defeating a few hard mode bosses as a way to free up the NPC. If you experience assured sufficient to address and defeat a mechanical boss earlier than you’ve got got wings, you may free up the steam punker. She will promote you a jetpack for 40 gold. Otherwise you may roll the cube with angler quests. There is a 1/70 hazard that you may get the fin wings from the angler after ten finished fishing quests in hard mode. This will take, with the very pleasant luck, at the least 11 in-recreation days, however you’ll be capable of get mid-tier wings pretty quickly.

Is the Jetpack higher than wings Terraria?

The jetpack is higher than seven of the low-tier wings in Terraria. They characteristic in addition to wings, however do now no longer carry out almost in addition to a number of the high-tier wings. A jetpack will set you again 40 gold from the steam punker and you may want to defeat a mechanical boss so one can free up them with inside the first place. I generally tend to pass the jetpack in my playthroughs, however it may be a pleasant opportunity in case you have already got sufficient motion to take down a mechanical boss.


Congratulations! It is tough to continue to exist in hard mode and having the mobility presented through wings surely enables maintain your self alive and opens up numerous the map to you. Wings are an crucial accent and they’ll stack with some other double-soar or rocket increase you furthermore may have equipped. Not handiest are they practical, they may be a fashionable choice to your characters. There are 46 distinctive pairs of wings in the sport and the wings are dyeable. Play round with distinctive units to determine on what you want best.