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How to Get YouTube TV on Xbox One


Do you need assistance figuring out how to stream live channels on your Xbox One game console? You can stream content from a variety of channels, including ABC, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, BBC, CNN, Discovery, Disney Junior, and more, if you install YouTube TV on your Xbox One. This is the greatest option available. The best feature of YouTube TV is that it allows users to watch any and all channels at no additional cost. how to get YouTube TV on Your Xbox One is Explained Here

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How to Get YouTube TV on Xbox One

In order to install the YouTube TV app on the console, you will first need to make sure that you have a YouTube TV account by going to the website You won’t be able to utilise the app unless you have a YouTube TV account, which is a requirement for doing so.

1. Launch the Microsoft Store application that’s installed on your Xbox system.

2. Go to the area labelled Store, then pick the Apps menu from the submenu that appears there.

How to Get YouTube TV on Xbox One

3. Head over to the section of the page labelled “Search Apps.”

How to Get YouTube TV on Xbox One

4. After logging into your account, navigate to YouTube and search for the YouTube TV app.

5. From the menu, select the option that says “Get it Free.”

6. While you are waiting, the software for YouTube TV will begin downloading into your console.


Why does YouTube TV not work on my Xbox?

Restart Your Xbox One

The reasons that contribute to YouTube being inaccessible on Xbox One can be remedied by just restarting the affected device. Therefore, you should attempt to restart your Xbox One. The following is the procedure for restarting Xbox One: Keep holding down the Xbox button, which is located in the middle of your Xbox controller.

Why won’t my YouTube TV Connect?

If you’re having trouble streaming video or audio through the app while using your phone or another device, force quit the programme and then resume it. If you are streaming anything on your computer, you should exit your web browser completely and then restart it. Check to determine if YouTube TV is operational once the application or browser has finished starting back up.

Is YouTube TV worth the money?

Bottom line. Cord-cutters who are looking for a live TV streaming service to replace their cable television package will find that YouTube TV is one of the greatest options available to them. You get quite a lot for the price of $49.99 a month, including a robust channel roster, unlimited DVR storage, and an app that is simple to use and is available on all of the major platforms.

Why is YouTube TV locked?

They differ depending on your present location or the location of your primary residence, the content you are attempting to access, the platform or device you are using to watch it, and possibly any restrictions imposed by our partners. The impacted programmes will no longer be accessible via YouTube TV. If there is a restriction that applies to your location, we will do all in our power to let you know about it.