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How to Grow Melons in Minecraft


Melons are a special kind of crop that you can cultivate in the game Minecraft. In addition to being edible, the melon slices may be used in a few unique crafting recipes, which differentiates this crop from others. Once you have grown one melon, it is simple to expand the amount of melons you may receive by turning the slices into melon seeds. Finding melon seeds can be tough, but once you have grown one melon, it is simple to do so. Because melons do not develop in the same way that other types of crops do, there are several peculiarities associated with melon plants that you will need to be aware of. This article will walk you through the process of growing melons in Minecraft as well as show you the necessary resources for doing so.

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How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

1. First, find some melon seeds. Melon seeds were once only found in treasure prizes. Melons now grow in savannah and jungle biomes. Wandering traders trade melon seeds for 1 emerald.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

2. You only need 1 melon seed to develop several melons. After finding melon seeds, decide where to sow them. Prepare melon seeds with a hoe.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

3. Consider where to cultivate the melons. If all four sides of the melon plant are open, the melon can grow anywhere. If you want your melons to grow in a row, give each plant only one spot for a melon.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

4. Place a water source block 4 blocks from the tilled earth to moisten it. 1 water tile can hydrate a huge area, but you can add additional for aesthetics.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

5. Plant melon seeds. Melons need one open block adjacent to grow. Multiple blocks of space will help melons develop faster, but it can be tough to maintain them nice and ordered.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

6. After planting melon seeds, you can wait for the stems to grow or apply bone meal to speed up the process. See below for melon stem maturity levels.

How to Grow Melons in Minecraft

7. A mature melon stem grows a melon every 10-30 minutes. More open area around the melon saves time. Next to the melon stem should be dirt, grass, farmland, or coarse dirt. Melons require 9 light to grow. Torches can help your plants flourish at night or underground.

Torches emit 14 light, decreasing by 1 per block. After your melons grow, you can slice them. These slices create more melonseeds. Each melon slice contains one melon seed.

8. From one melon’s seeds, you can start a melon farm.

If you break the melon using a silk touch enchanted tool, you’ll get the block, not slices. So simple are Minecraft melons!


Why won’t my melons grow in Minecraft?

Despite the fact that melon stems have to be planted on farmland, melon blocks can grow on any surface, including dirt, grass, or farmland. It is impossible for a melon to grow if there is no soil, grass, or farmland surrounding the stem of the plant. When one melon is picked, it is replaced by a new one that grows in its place.

How do you start a melon farm in Minecraft?

If you hold a hoe and right-click on a block of dirt or grass while doing so, the area will immediately transform into farmland, which is required in order for us to plant seeds. Plant a seed in each farmland block once you have a row of farmland by right-clicking the block while holding a melon or pumpkin seed. Once you have a row of farmland, you can grow melons and pumpkins.

Do melons need sunlight to grow in Minecraft?

Growing melons in Minecraft does not specifically require exposure to sunlight. Because they need a light level of 9, melons can be grown underground without any access to the sky as long as the melon plant is kept sufficiently illuminated.

Why are my pumpkins and watermelons not growing in Minecraft?

Pumpkins, but not melons, will flourish in an environment with spectators and pistons. In order to reproduce, you must first plant a pumpkin stem underneath an observer that is tilted downward, then you must position pistons that are tilted downward adjacent to the observer on all four sides where the pumpkin can grow, and finally you must place redstone on the observer and the pistons.

Do you need water for a melon farm Minecraft?

The mechanics of growth Both watermelons and pumpkins are grown using roughly the same growth mechanisms and may be easily cultivated using the same methods. When the plants have reached their full maturity, they will begin to supply you with an ongoing supply of fruit to meet your requirements. Pumpkins and melons can be grown successfully without the need of any water at all.