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How to Hide a Reply in Twitter


Twitter is now doing testing on a new feature that will give users the ability to hide comments that have been made in response to tweets that they have posted. This function was built specifically to hide comments that are deemed to be spam or irrelevant from a post so as to not distract from the conversation that is taking place there. Both the Twitter desktop client and the Twitter app for mobile devices will be used to demonstrate how to hide a reply in this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Hide a Reply in Twitter

Find a reply to one of your tweets that you would like to keep private and click on it. This will get you started. The next step is to move your cursor to the arrow that is pointing downward and is located to the right of the tweet that is giving you trouble.

How to Hide a Reply in Twitter

Choose “Hide reply” from the menu that comes after you have finished typing your response for others to see.

How to Hide a Reply in Twitter

If this is your very first time attempting to hide a reply, you will see the following message. The “Hide reply” button can be used to achieve the desired outcome by repeatedly clicking on it or touching it with your finger.

How to Hide a Reply in Twitter

The next time you try to conceal a reply, the tweet in question will be moved to a different location without requiring you to confirm the location first. This will take place automatically.


Can my followers see my replies on Twitter?

If the receiver is following the sender, replies, much like mentions, will also appear in the Home timeline of the recipient. Who else sees it? Everyone who is following both the person who sent the message and the person who received it will see it in their Home timeline. Locations where it will never be seen: on the profile page of anyone, unless they were the one who sent the reply.

Who can see private Twitter replies?

On Twitter, only you and the people who follow you will be able to search through your protected Tweets. Because only accounts that are following you will see your tweets, any replies that you make to accounts that aren’t already following you won’t be viewed by those accounts.

What happens if you reply to a hidden comment?

Everyone else besides you won’t be able to see the comment. The comment, along with any replies to it, will be concealed. You can choose individual replies to a comment and then hide them one at a time if you don’t want certain people to see them. If you choose to conceal only the replies to a remark, the comment itself will still be available to anybody who visits the page.

Can I hide my likes and replies on Twitter?

You have the option to conceal your likes on Twitter by heading to your profile settings and selecting “Privacy and Safety” from the list of available options. You will find the option to conceal your likes within the “Tweet privacy” section of your account. Make your selection here, then click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

What is soft block on Twitter?

A feature that allows users to delete irritating followers is referred to as a soft block. A “soft block,” as opposed to a “block,” enables users to still read your tweets and direct message you if they search for them, but they will not see your tweets on their timeline. A block prevents users from seeing your tweets at all.