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Latest Preppy Roblox Avatars Codes and Ideas 2022


We will give you amazing  preppy roblox avatar codes that will best fit your avatar in roblox. All these ideas are colelcted from multiple youtubers and famous roblox players and you are going to get the best of them. These preppy roblox avatars are the best found so far on the internet.

You can use these codes and make your own avatar in no time today and show your avatar to your friends and amaze them. The point is we will provide you all the amazing preppy roblox avatar that you can either make at very low price of robux or almost free.

Preppy Roblox Avatar 1

Pants code is 7099331321 and it is called adored skirt, its price is 5 robux

Top Shirt code is 6109441012 and it is called verna, its price is 5 robux

Hair code is 6841429011 and it is called Popular Girl Light Brown Hair, Cost of hair is 90 robux

Purse code is 5508770029 Fashionable White Shoulder Purse, Cost is 95 robux

Celebrity Bling code is 6239323549, cost is 76 robux only

Total Robux Cost: 271 Robux

Preppy Roblox Avatar 2

Hat Code 7177507137 Cottage Sunhat – Red Plaid Cost is 75 robux

Hair 7489289208 Code Daisy Hair Adornments Cost is 50 robux

Shirt Code is 6400169827 Cottage core ginham strawberry ruffle crop Code is 5 robux

Pants Code is 7036527335 Swag soft fairy y2k cottagecore strawberry patch 60

Total Robux Cost: 190 Robux

Preppy Roblox Avatar 3

daisy – Shirt cost 5 robux and code is 6218658773

Dua Pants code is 7139592611 and cost is 7 robux

Hair – Popstar Buns in Blonde cost is 90 robux and code is 6503085312

White Purse code is 5508770029 and cost is 95 robux

Low White Flower Headband code is 6202128355 and cost is 65 robux

Total Robux Cost: 262 Robux

Preppy Roblox Avatar 4

Analise pants code is 7814689295 and cost is 7 robux

Low Pearl Headband code is 6133036929 and cost is 60 robux

White Hairclips code is 5802244128 and cost is 50 robux

Popular Girl Light Brown Hair code is 6841429011 and cost is 90 robux

Cute brandy melville softie cardigan aesthetic code is 6691898142 and cost is 8 robux

White Adorable Backpack code is 5355408140 and cost is 100 robux

Total Robux Cost: 315 Robux

So we have covered some of amazing preppy roblox avatar with codes and you can get them whenever you want to and upgrade your avatar.